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ECOB's Eco Red Shield™ Coatings Meet ICC-ES' Mold and Fire Inhibition Requirements

Published on 2012-07-03. Author : SpecialChem

VISTA, Calif. -- Eco Building Products, Inc. announced that Eco Red Shield™ coatings, manufactured by Eco Building Products, Inc., recently received an evaluation report (ESR# 3255) from ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), providing evidence that Eco Red Shield protection against Wood Ingesting Organisms including Formosan Termites and Wood-Rot Decay now meets building code requirements with the value added protection from Mold and Fire Inhibition. Building officials, architects, contractors, specifiers, designers and others utilize ICC-ES Evaluation Reports to provide a basis for using or approving Eco Red Shield coated lumber products in construction projects under the International Acceptance Criteria "AC433" Code.

ICC-ES President Mark Johnson explains why ICC-ES Evaluation Reports are so important. "Eco Building Products, Inc. can now reference the evaluation report to ensure building officials and the building industry that the product meets I-Code requirements," Johnson said. "Building departments have a long history of using evaluation reports, and ICC-ES operates as a technical resource for the building department. Final approval of building products is always in the hands of the local regulatory agency."

ICC-ES thoroughly examined Eco Building Products, Inc. product information, test reports, calculations, quality control methods and other factors to ensure the product is code-compliant. "I am extremely proud of my organization to meet these milestones and the performance of Eco Red Shield product. Treated lumber now has a brand Eco Red Shield that provides consumers with a choice when it comes to building the entire structure with treated lumber," stated Steve Conboy, President and CEO of Eco Building Products. "Change in the lumber industry is few and far between. Eco Red Shield achieving code compliance now offers an Eco-Friendly equivalent product to traditional pressure treated lumber with the added benefits of mold control and fire inhibition is really a monumental triumph," added Conboy.

"Our team set out to develop an Eco-Friendly alternative to pressure treated lumber with the added values of Mold and Fire inhibition with the capability for full structure application. The challenges we faced albeit very difficult have been achieved by evidence of our building code acceptance. Our formulation and application methodology faired extremely well in all of the testing criteria as our results indicated very strong termite efficacy amongst other attributes," stated Mark Vuozzo, Chief Technical Officer of Eco Building Products. "I am extremely happy with the accomplishments of our team. The paradigm shift towards consumer choice to protect the super structure of your building is now official," added Vuozzo.

The ECOB team is out to educate the specifying community using ECOB University accredited platform. The online learning platform will provide Architects and students in college programs with accredited Learning Units (LU). ECOB University will teach people about lumber grading rules, todays juvenile lumber values verses old growth lumber values, effects of wood-rot on engineering values, termite concerns in shear walls, structural components like trusses and how they react in fire, water intrusion issues that lead to mold and moisture concerns in lumber. ECOB team knows the next generation specifying community are interested in making minor adjustment to how we build going forward since sometimes the old school get stuck in their ways. ECOB goal is to get our ESR-3255 installed on plans before budgets are established so the small incremental cost to protect what happens behind the walls is not even a concern and no longer an option for the contractor or builder. Our protection can never be part of saving cost; in the future it is all about protecting people. What happens behind the walls can be deadly. Steve Conboy says, "It is similar to when the airlines use to perform their own service on their own airplanes. Then airplanes that needed timely repairs went into the ocean killing people now the industry uses third party inspections for the benefit of protecting all of us."

About ICC Evaluation Service, LLC

A nonprofit, limited liability company, ICC-ES is the United States' leading evaluation service for innovative building materials, components and systems. ICC-ES Evaluation Reports (ESRs) and PMG Listings provide evidence that products and systems meet requirements of codes and technical standards. ICC-ES also issues environmental reports verifying that products meet specific sustainability targets defined by today's codes, standards, green rating systems and ICC-ES environmental criteria. ICC-ES is a subsidiary of the International Code Council® (ICC®).

About Eco Building Products, Inc.

Eco Building Products, Inc. is a manufacturer of proprietary wood products treated with an eco-friendly proprietary chemistry that protects against fire, mold/mycotoxins, fungus, rot-decay, wood ingesting insects and termites with ECOB WoodSurfaceFilm™ and FRC™ technology (Fire Retardant Coating). Eco Building products, "Eco Red Shield", "Eco Blue Shield" & "Eco Clear Shield" utilizing patent pending technology is the ultimate in wood protection, preservation, and fire safety to building components constructed of wood; from joists, beams and paneling, to floors and ceilings.

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Source: Eco Building Products, Inc.

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