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Eckart Presents its Latest Coatings Developments at chinacoat 2006

Published on 2006-11-10. Author : SpecialChem

Guangzhou -- Eckart, the world's leading manufacturer of effect pigments, will be exhibiting at ChinaCoat 2006 as an innovative and competent technology and consultant partner for all business in connection with the coating and printing with effect pigments. Visitors can experience the latest developments at stand 1C301-310 in Hall 1C.

FERRICON - new possibilities for dark and metallic effect coatings

With the metallic pigment FERRICON, Eckart has used high-purity carbonyl iron and new grinding technology to develop a product that matches conventional silver dollar pigments in terms of its application characteristics. Its appearance, however, is unique : the pigment has a distinctive colour flop from metallic grey to metallic black. Such dark flops could not previously be reproduced using a single effect pigment. The pigment is therefore ideal for creating dark shades and strong metallic effects. The pigments' excellent wetting properties and the resulting outstanding pigment orientation create homogeneous and brilliant surfaces with good opacity.

Its magnetic properties give FERRICON a special edge : using permanent or electromagnets, the pigments along the lines of force can be reorientated, this creating unique effects with fascinating depth and a three-dimensional appearance.

FERRICON lends itself well to use in conventional coatings, for example in the consumer electronics industry, automotive interiors or furniture designs. At the same time, functional coating materials can be produced, e.g. for IR reflection. These innovative pigments boast very good chemical, light and weather resistance.

STAPA® NCP and STAPA® HCP - pigments for chemical resistant one coat applications

Metallic Pigments, above all aluminium pigments, naturally conduct electricity. This has to be avoided in coatings for TV monitors, computer casing and similar products in order to ensure that the paint surface of an electrical appliance is not charged during normal operation. ECKART has developed high quality non-conductive aluminium pigments for such applications - the STAPA® NCP and -HCP series.

Initially, these products are manufactured in a conventional grinding process. The post-treatment follows which encapsulates the NCP-pigment in an acrylic layer and the HCP pigment with a homogeneous and impermeable polymer layer. These layers insulate the pigments and make it highly compatible with coating binders. Furthermore the new STAPA® HCP pigments show an excellent acid- and base resistance in the coating film and perfect intercoat adhesion. Both pigments are suitable for outstanding chemical resistance in single-layer coatings. However, they are not suitable for use in water-based systems.

PC non-leafing aluminium pigments for powder coatings

The PC n.l. pigments are non-leafing aluminium pigment powders which have been developed especially for powder coating applications. These pigments are characterized by a special surface treatment which leads to extraordinary electrical charging properties resulting in excellent processing properties during powder coating application.

A very significant advantage of PC n.l. is its attractive price/ performance ratio - a result of saving the additional processing costs of the expensive process step of chemical pigment encapsulation as required for PCA, PCR or PCS pigments.


ECKART is a leading global manufacturer of metallic and pearlescent pigment worldwide. Based in Fürth, Germany, and with approximately 1,850 employees to date worldwide, the company develops, produces and sells metallic and pearlescent pigments in powder, paste and pellet form, as well as concentrates, dispersions and printing inks. ECKART products are used in the graphic arts industry, the coatings and paints industry, the plastics and foam mortar industry and in cosmetics. ECKART is currently represented in over 70 countries. The company is a member of ALTANA Chemie.

Source: ECKART

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