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DuPont Coatings & Color Technologies Sails into History

Published on 2005-03-16. Author : SpecialChem

Ellen MacArthur made history recently when she set a new world record for the fastest solo circumnavigation of the globe under sail. DuPont Coatings and Color Technologies contributed to this accomplishment with a combination of DuPont Titanium Technologies and DuPont Performance Coatings (DPC) Refinish products that adorned and protected the 75-foot trimaran 'B&Q', a fast and extreme multihull designed and built for trans-ocean record breaking.

DPC Refinish materials were selected for their versatility, ease of use and the high level of technical knowledge and support from the Australian DPC team. Products used to coat exterior surfaces of the trimaran included DuPont 1040R™ primer surfacer, DuPont™ Centari® 6000 colorcoat, and DuPont 3200S™ high solids clearcoat.

The use of these products, traditionally marketed to the automotive aftermarket, demonstrate a global extension of the brand into the marine market. These high performance paints are made with DuPont™ Ti-Pure™ titanium dioxide pigment.

Trimaran sponsor and United Kingdom home improvement and garden retailer B&Q plc. is currently partnering with DuPont and offering DuPont SmartPaintSM solutions for high performance house paint products at their stores. B&Q plc. globally markets B&Q Colours Everywhere™, the first product line carrying the DuPont SmartPaintSM solutions endorsement

Source: DuPont

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