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Dow Hyperlast showcases market-leading pipeline protection systems at Offshore Europe, September 4th-7th, Aberdeen Stand No.1161

Published on 2007-09-04. Author : SpecialChem

Dow Hyperlast spray and cast elastomers for marine and offshore applications offer superior performance in a wide variety of applications such as sub-sea thermal insulation and shock protection for deepwater flow-lines and field-joints at depths of up to 10,000 feet, subsea configurations, anchor blocks, bends, goosenecks, jumpers, risers and wellheads.

The products also provide marine impact and aggressive climate protection for underwater sensors, electrical connections, fenders, buoys, rope coatings, surface and submerged structures, and other applications, as well as abrasion resistance when used for pipeline pigs and transportation rollers.

HYPERLAST™ products are extremely abrasion resistant; they withstand sunlight, ozone and seawater and have proven performance in marine engineering applications. A wide range of materials from soft flexible elastomers to tough rigid polyurethanes are available and may be applied by spray, mould or rotational casting. They are extremely tough, wear resistant and provide excellent impact strength. Easy to pigment, they can be tailored to give colour fastness -essential for equipment such as buoys and fenders, in the harsh surroundings of the oceans.

HYPERLAST SYNTACTIC DW-512™ protects and insulates pipelines in deep-water environments. It has low water absorption, provides consistent insulation properties and its coating thickness does not change as a result of compression by deepwater hydrostatic pressure.

HYPERLAST SYNTACTIC ™ polyurethanes have been used for over twenty years for the protection and insulation of oil and gas flowlines, manifolds, risers, field joints, xmas trees, jumpers, spool pieces and related sub-sea architecture. These materials have excellent thermal insulation, corrosion protection, adhesion, impact strength and are durable in the harshest working environments. Hyperlast's two-component liquid systems lend themselves to protecting complex substrates that thermoplastic products can not accommodate.

Field Jointing

In addition to flowline protection, Hyperlast polyurethanes have been used to produce in excess of 130,000 field joints both onshore and offshore. The fast curing times of Hyperlast jointing polyurethanes enable fast cycle times of as little as 5 minutes to be comfortably achieved. Faster cycle times to suit faster lay conditions can be provided. Hyperlast's products are compatible with polyurethane & polypropylene parent coatings. Excellent bonds are achieved with careful pre-treatment of the parent coating.

HYPERLAST has been tested in the field and is widely used for pipelines from the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, South China Sea, Indonesia, and South America to the west coast of Africa.

Dow Hyperlast Limited

With over 30 years' experience, Dow Hyperlast has evolved and grown into one of the leading independent systems houses in the world, establishing a leading market position with its branded elastomer systems. Dow Hyperlast is renowned for the design and manufacture of its custom polyurethane systems, which are used in a variety of industrial, engineering and architectural applications worldwide.

For more details on Hyperlast polyurethane coating systems for marine and offshore applications, please visit the Dow Hyperlast stand - No.1161. Visitors to the stand will also have the opportunity to learn more about Dow polyurethane Systems and its global polyurethane systems development and formulation capabilities.

Source: Dow Hyperlast Limited

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