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DGF & Horizon3 Invest in Waste2Chemical to Develop Bio-based Building Blocks for Paints & more

Published on 2013-04-09. Author : SpecialChem

Waste2Chemical, a pioneer in developing high added value chemicals from waste streams, raised first round investment from Horizon3 en Dutch Greentech Fund.

Innovative platform technology for biobased chemicals

Waste2Chemical develops a platform technology for the production of biobased components for the chemical, food and/or feed industry. The company, founded in 2010, aims at developing cost effective chemical building blocks for paint, plastics and lubricants, but also additives in feed, food en pharma products. With the technology, developed at Wageningen UR sub-department of Environmental technology, the company can process multiple organic waste streams that are currently being digested or composted. The company works with prominent strategic partners in the waste management and agrofood industry.

Strength through important partnerships

Kirsten Steinbusch, Co-founder and Director of Waste2Chemical: "Waste2Chemical is entering a very important year in which our patented technology will be scaled-up from lab to pilot scale. The participation of Horizon3 and Dutch Greentech Fund and the involvement of strategic partners will enable us to quickly realize a successful pilot run. The aim of the pilot is to confirm the robustness of the fermentation technology and to generate product samples to serve our future customers."

Horizon3 and DGF provide management support, knowledge and network

Founder and Managing Partner of Horizon3, Bart Raedts: "Waste2Chemical brings recycling of organic streams to a higher level. We expect that the conversion of valuable residues to energy will be strongly reduced in the future, since better and more sustainable techniques will be available compared to the current techniques. In this way, higher added value products will be created from similar residues, which in addition reduces the dependence on long-term subsidized projects. In our opinion Waste2chemical has such a technique."

DGF Fund Manager Guus Verhees adds: "Waste2Chemical operates at the heart of the biobased economy, one of the investment themes of the Dutch Greentech Fund. The very innovative application has its origin in the fundamental research of DGF's partner Wageningen UR. Together with our other partners Rabobank, TU Delft and WNF we will contribute to successfully develop this promising technology.

About Waste2Chemical

Waste2Chemical was founded in 2010 and is located in Wageningen. Founders Niels van Stralen and Kirsten Steinbusch financed their company the last 2 years with feasibility studies, prizes, subsidies and grants from organizations like Startlife, NGI, New Venture, Climate-KIC, BE-Basic and the province of Gelderland. From Wageningen UR professor Cees Buisman, David Strik and 3 PhD-studens are involved with the development of the technology.

About Horizon3

Horizon3 is an investment fund and a platform for open innovation that invests in techno starters who focus on building sustainable food chains.

About the Dutch Greentech Fund (DGF)

The Rabobank, WNF, TU Delft and Wageningen UR founded the Dutch Greentech Fund. The Dutch Greentech Fund invests in promising Dutch technology start-ups developing innovative technologies or processes that make the chain from raw material to end product more sustainable. The fund focusses on agriculture, food production, water, air and bio-based innovations and applies strict sustainability criteria. The DGF is managed by Rabo Private Equity.

Source: Waste2Chemical

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