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Dampney's ENDCOR® Provides Protective Coating for Hard Gloss Finish

Published on 2011-09-01. Author : SpecialChem

A self-priming, high gloss, high solids, hard and durable coating that is ideal for utility meters, valves, and commercial and industrial equipment is available from Dampney Company, Inc. of Everett, Massachusetts.

Dampney Endcor® 8898 Silicone-Alkyd Copolymer Self-Priming Coating is a high performance, high solids, hard coating for use on cast iron and steel surfaces requiring high gloss, color retention, and weather-resistance. Formulated to resist UV, chalking, fading, moisture and salt spray, this durable coating is VOC compliant and can be applied over solvent cleaned surfaces using conventional airless spray or brush.

Approved by major utilities for electric- and water-meter and valve maint-enance and manufacturing, Dampney Endcor庐 8898 Silicone-Alkyd Copolymer Self-Priming Coating is offered in standard black and gray colors, with custom colors and gloss levels available on request. This single component coating is 60% solids by volume and resists 300°F continuous exposure.

About Dampney

Since 1917, Dampney Company, Inc. of Everett, Mass., has designed, developed, manufactured, and distributed engineered coating systems for specialized applications. Dampney serves the refining, petro chemical, chemical processing, oil & gas, pipeline, power, OEM, pulp & paper, and materials processing markets. Today Dampney is one of the world leaders supplying high-performance, high temperature solutions throughout the world.

Source: Dampney

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