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Crown Trade's Protective Coatings Offer Metal Protection for Up to 10 Years

Published on 2011-11-08. Author : SpecialChem

Crown Trade's Protective Coatings deliver a decorative, aesthetic finish, which safeguards metalwork against the elements - with a choice of ten or fifteen years' protection.

The premium range includes High Build Rust Inhibiting Metal Primer and High Performance Gloss for Metal, as well as High Build Micaceous Iron Oxide.

These coatings can be used to decorate and protect any correctly prepared new or previously painted ferrous or non-ferrous metalwork, including structural steelwork, railings, fire escapes, gates and shutters.

Furthermore, by using Crown Trade's Protective Coatings T-Wash as part of their system, specifiers can also use the coatings on new galvanized metal.

The High Performance Gloss for Metal, supplied in black, white and over 1800 tintable colors, is intended for use wherever a durable, long-lasting, high sheen finish is required.

Depending on the nature of the project, one or two coats will offer up to ten years' metal protection in a standard Crown Trade High Performance system.

The gloss can be applied onto previously painted surfaces, which need to first be cleaned and spot primed, while new metal requires cleaning and a preparatory coat of High Build Rust Inhibiting Metal Primer.

This high level of protection can be extended further still, for up to fifteen years, if one or two coats of High Build Micaceous Iron Oxide are applied beneath the gloss top coat.

Offering a highly effective barrier against corrosion, High Build Micaceous Iron Oxide is an excellent intermediate coat.

Where protection is the key priority and the choice of color and a high sheen finish are unimportant it can also be used as a finish in its own right.

Crown Trade Senior Brand Manager Debbie Orr, said: "With the products in our Crown Trade Protective Coatings range we are able to provide specifiers with a total solution for all types of metalwork.

"Whatever the substrate, ferrous, non-ferrous, bare or previously painted, our ten and fifteen year system options can be introduced to offer clients the reassurance of extended maintenance schedules to meet their needs."

In addition to offering this metalwork protection system, Crown Trade offers a Fast Drying Cladding Finish for metal cladding, which offers up to eight years' protection.

About Crown Paints

Crown Paints is among UK's largest independent paint manufacturers, with a history which goes back as far as 1777. Meeting customer needs means more than getting the right color; they design and test their products to provide the highest coverage performance with the greatest longevity on the surface; they devise schedules that minimize costs and maintenance; they develop paint systems that offer flame retardant, moisture resistant or hygiene properties; they offer services that enable professionals and specifiers to get the most out of their products and of course, they do get the color right, with the industry-leading SCAN code helping to ensure precise color matching and specify DDA complaint color schemes more easily.

Source: Crown Paints

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