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Covestro Builds New Office with Eco-friendly PU Floor Coating

Published on 2021-03-08. Edited By : SpecialChem

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campus-flooring-picCovestro's new campus office building in Leverkusen consists of a polyurethane (PU)-bonded rubber granulate terrazzo and is sealed with an aqueous 2-component coating based on the company’s PU coating raw materials.

Environmentally-compliant, Aesthetic and Robust Coating

The coating system is more environmentally compatible than conventional systems, also aesthetically pleasing, and it meets typical building requirements for impact sound insulation and walking comfort.

Especially in buildings with high foot traffic, it’s important to have an abrasion-resistant and durable flooring so that it still looks appealing after several years,” explains Contardo Pafumi, industrial marketing manager construction at Covestro. “For such applications, polyurethane-based sealers have proven their worth. They are very robust and also easy to clean.”

For these and other reasons, Covestro chose the elastic terrazzo system from the Swiss installation company TEXOLIT AG. It is also particularly low in emissions and complies with AgBB regulations for indoor air emissions. It is also suitable for environmental certification under the LEED Gold Standard (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design).

In total, an area of 1,800 square meters was equipped with the terrazzo floor. The coating comes from coatings manufacturer KLB Kötztal Lacke + Beschichtungen GmbH and is based on an aqueous polyacrylate dispersion from Covestro´s Bayhydrol® range and a polyisocyanate crosslinker from the Bayhydur® series.

Source: Covestro
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