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Clariant Granted FDA Approval for Pigment Red 122

Published on 2004-03-11. Author : SpecialChem

Sulzbach, Ts./Germany, March 11, 2004 -Pigment Red 122 from Clariant, Pigments & Additives Division, recently received approval from the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in plastics for food contact applications. Clariant's PV Fast Pink E and PV Fast Pink E01 are thus amongst the few pigments with Colour Index P.R.122 which meet the most important regulations for consumer goods, toys and applications involving contact with food. Both these high-fastness quinacridone pigments are suitable for a wide range of applications and distinguish themselves through excellent technical profiles.

The approval is defined on the FDA-Website under FCN No. 356: it applies to use as a colorant in all plastics with an upper concentration limit of one percent. The pigmented finished article may come into contact with food containing water and acids as well as those containing less than 15 percent alcohol under the conditions of use D to G described in 21 CFR 176.170. They are also permitted for use in concentrations of up to 0.5 percent under conditions of use D to G in polymers in contact with food containing fat and more than 15 percent alcohol. The approval is valid under conditions A to H at concentrations of 0.2 percent for contact with food containing, water, acids, fat or alcohol.

PV Fast Pink E and PV Fast Pink E01 are easy to process and have outstanding dispersibility. Further advantages include excellent migration behaviour and excellent temperature- and weathering resistance. Furthermore, they do not influence warpage in semi- crystalline plastics. This is an important property in packaging and closures. Their superior fastness properties enable them to be used in low concentrations and for shading applications in polyolefins and PVC.

Because of their outstanding performance profile, these pigments are highly versatile. They are suitable for the coloration of spin-dyed fibres, films, blow molded items and thin-walled injection molding applications. They can be processed into almost all thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics: rubber, polyolefins, polyethyleneterephthalate, styrenics, polyurethane, plasticised and rigid PVC and many engineering plastics. The applications are equally broad and sophisticated: packaging for cosmetics and toiletries, automotive textiles, toys, food packaging and other consumer items for use indoors and outdoors can be optimally colored with PV Fast Pink E and PV Fast Pink E01.

Source: Clariant

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