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CBIR of Iran to Use Nili Fam's Self-cleaning SC-Nanopaint in the Façades of it's Buildings

Published on 2011-08-18. Author : SpecialChem

TEHRAN (INIC) -- The Commerce Management of Nili Fam Company, which is one of the active nanotechnology companies in Iran, announced that the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran is willing to use self-cleaning paints produced by the company under the commercial name of SC-Nanopaint in the façades of the bank's buildings.

According to the Central Bank official, a contract of approximately $300,000 was signed between Nili Fam Company and the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran in May 2011, and it was decided that the self-cleaning nanopaint would be used in the façade of the building in order to protect it against the environmental hazards and in order to reduce the maintenance and cleaning costs.

SC-Nanopaint oxidizes surface pollutants such as fatty particles, and the surface can be cleaned easily by washing with a little water. In addition to having self-cleaning properties, the surfaces coated with this nanopaint will have anti-bacterial characteristics too.

According to the Commerce Manager of Nili Fam Company, Iran Khodro Company has recently employed TI-Nanopaint humid-thermal insulations manufactured by this company, and it is predicted that those coatings will be used in Iran Khodro's buildings.

The application of thermal-humid insulations not only decreases 37-40% of energy consumption, but also prevents the entrance of heat to the building in summer and the exit of heat from the building in winter.

Taking into consideration the higher price of the similar self-cleaning paints and humid-thermal insulations imported from foreign countries, it is predicted that the presence of such domestically-made products in the market will help the reduction of the costs in the said two fields.

About Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC)

Iran has recognized the significance of nanotechnology like other pioneering countries and started its activities in line with development of the technology. In this regard and as first step, a Study Committee for Nanotechnology in Iran began its activities in 2001 and finally Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC) was established in the country in 2003. The INIC is tasked with determining the general policies for the development of nanotechnology in the country and pursuing the case with implementation of the policies. Iran's success in achieving a proper place among 15 countries which are advanced in nanotechnology and making attempt to promote the position in a bid to develop Iran's economy are the main missions of the INIC. Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council is seeking to pave the ground for activity of the private sector and production of wealth within the society through adopting outlook, providing facilities, creating market and removing the existing problems.

Source: Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council

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