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Car Legend Sports New Glossy Finish: Thanks to Glasurit

Published on 2008-08-13. Author : SpecialChem

Sleek and elegant, a dream in black with brilliant red leather seats. This is the look Belgian classic car aficionado Andries Meuzelaar's 300 SL Roadster will be sporting when it returns as king of the road in the near future. At the moment, the Mercedes Benz is still hidden away in Stuttgart, where the legendary model is getting a makeover. Even in its current state, however, with its paintwork sanded off, inner workings removed and body perched up on blocks, the supple curved body provides a glimpse of the vehicle's grace and elegance. "It's a real gem, a milestone in automotive history," says Meuzelaar. It's no wonder, then, that his standards for restoring the roadster are extremely high. "I trust Glasurit®. My experience with Glasurit paints in the past has been excellent, and they are my obvious choice this time around, too."

Brimming with anticipation

The task of putting Meuzelaar's 1960 Roadster back on the road has been assigned to restorer Johannes Kleissl. "Restoring these cars isn't just my job, it's also my passion," says Kleissl, owner of the HK-Engineering restoration company, which deals exclusively with Mercedes Benz 300 SL models. The company has four locations in Germany and an international service network, making it one of the world's largest restoration companies. Meuzelaar's Mercedes will soon be wearing a new coat of Glasurit paints, and Kleissl thinks that's great. "We want only the top of the line for this legendary car." The fact that the 300 SL is more than a mere set of wheels for Meuzelaar goes without saying: "I can't wait to see and experience my car in all its glory - I'm as excited as a little kid!"

Paint competence "made in Münster"

The 300 SL is not the first Mercedes Benz "Sport Light" to be revitalized with a coat of Glasurit brand paint. This past April, the U.S. hit series "Dream Car Garage", which is currently restoring a 300 SL coupé, was on location at sites including Glasurit in Münster-Hiltrup. In order to match the original as closely as possible, the "Dream Car Garage" crew is using waterborne Glasurit 90 Line paints to refinish the car in its original color. The Glasurit COLOR-PROFI System is making a major contribution to the restoration. The world's largest color archive has 200,000 color chips with original paint, documenting the color history of an entire century. Meuzelaar himself is no stranger to Glasurit. Two years ago, experts at Glasurit supported him in the search for the original color of his Horch 853 classic sports convertible. After meticulous research and a number of test mixtures, the Glasurit paint experts finally came up with the original color, which they identified using pictures from the old Horch brochure. The Roadster was manufactured until 1963. It had six cylinders and a nearly 3,000-cubic centimeter, 215-horsepower motor and could reach maximum speeds of 250 kilometers per hour.

Source: BASF

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