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CalciTech's Sustainable Technology Helps Industry

Published on 2009-12-21. Author : SpecialChem

GENEVA, Switzerland -- CalciTech Ltd. announces that it is working on major waste recovery projects in Europe and Asia with the aim of making industrial processes more sustainable. These projects convert mineral lime waste from industrial processes into ultrapure Synthetic Calcium Carbonate (SCC), which is used in the paper coating, paint, polymer and sealant industries. Using industrial waste from a variety of sources in Europe and Asia, CalciTech has demonstrated to customers its ability to convert this material into SCC of the highest quality.

Hazardous waste streams that have been tipped into landfill can now be converted into a valuable material. Landfill sites are becoming more difficult to find and the costs of disposal are rising.

Furthermore, in every 100 tonnes of final material (SCC), CalciTech's process absorbs 44 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Marketing Director Michael Watts said: 'The CalciTech process is a cost-effective solution to the problem of industrial waste for the paper and polymer industry. We can enable these industries to use renewable minerals instead of using virgin minerals from quarries. These companies will be able to claim that their products are made from sustainable materials.'

Source: CalciTech Ltd.

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