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BASF to Present Coatings for Motorcycles at the 10th China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition

Published on 2011-10-24. Author : SpecialChem

CHONGQING, China -- Under the theme of "passion for two-wheelers", BASF is for the first time presenting its extensive portfolio of solutions for the Chinese motorcycle market at the 10th China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition, Asia's largest motorcycle trade exhibition.

As the world's No. 1 chemical supplier to the mobility industry, BASF provides intelligent and sustainable solutions to two-wheeler manufacturers and their suppliers who value quality consistency, safety, cost competitiveness, vehicle performance and environmental protection. In 2010, China's motorcycle output was more than 23 million units, which accounted for 45 percent of global production. A stable growth rate of 2-3 percent annually is expected over the next few years.

A striking presence, superior performance, comfort, environmental friendliness, and the ability to ensure safety are features an exceptional two-wheeler should have," says James Yin, General Manager, Global Motorcycle Catalysts. "At this exhibition, we will demonstrate our innovative products and solutions which help to meet these requirements."

Innovative coatings for performance and aesthetics

BASF is a pioneer in advanced motorcycle coatings solutions that combine outstanding coatings performance with the latest market trends in terms of colors and effects. A prime example of BASF innovation is BEAMCOAT™, the twin-cure (UV-thermo curing) clearcoat for motorcycle fuel tanks that has been recognized for its outstanding scratch-resistance and environmentally-friendly properties. BASF is also the only motorcycle coatings supplier to hold a dedicated motorcycle color show. Every year, BASF color designers translate the latest color trend into concrete proposals to the motorcycle manufacturers.

Ultramid® for quality rear grip

BASF's engineering plastics are an integral part of complex, high-value, high-performance automotive systems and make a significant contribution to the performance, safety and comfort of modern motor vehicles, including motorcycles. A rear grip plays the dual role of supporting the pillion rider and providing use as a cargo carrier. It is therefore imperative to create one that is able to withstand various weight pressures. BASF's Ultramid is the most suitable material for this application as its 30% glass fiber reinforcements are able to meet demanding creep requirements while maintaining stiffness under high loads. Ultramid possesses an excellent surface finish to provide OEMs with the options to create unpainted and painted finishes. This facilitation of smoother engineering processes enables designers to produce aesthetically appealing parts without sacrificing performance.

Polyurethanes for comfort and safety

PU-molded skins made of Elastoskin® ensure a high quality look, precise contour replication and leather-like surfaces for the seat saddles. They can be produced in constant wall thickness and allow designers with vast design freedom. Ergonomically designed seat components made of Elastoflex®flexible foam system feature outstanding properties like excellent absorption performance, minor resilience loss and durability in terms of continued use and sitting comfort.

Under the Cellasto® brand, BASF develops, produces and distributes components from microcellular polyurethane elastomers (MPU) that enhance driving comfort in the form of spring aids, coil spring isolators, and top mounts. Its exceptional properties reduce noise from the engine, vibrating chassis and rumbling shock absorbers for motorcycles. BASF delivers customized and definitive NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) technology and capabilities, putting it at the forefront of the industry for NVH solutions.

Tailor-made catalysts to significantly reduce harmful engine emissions

BASF has a strong presence in China's motorcycle catalysts market, producing catalysts and systems for motorcycles and small engines for both China's domestic market as well as for export. Its emissions catalyst solutions meet increasing demand to equip two-wheel vehicles with better capabilities for significant reductions of hydrocarbon, NOx (nitrogen oxides) and CO (carbon monoxide) emissions. In addition, the company offers advanced R&D and flexible testing to meet emissions regulations with cost-effective technology and excellent customer service. With advanced manufacturing operations in Shanghai and Guilin, BASF offers the full range of catalyst production capabilities to Chinese customers, including internal substrate manufacturing and an integrated supply chain that shortens lead time.

About BASF Coatings

Coating materials from BASF Coatings protect surfaces and give them color and luster. Their products and processes set the standard for ecoefficiency. Every day, their research and development teams work to make coatings of the future more high performance and more eco-friendly. When it comes to automotive OEM paints, automotive refinish products, and industrial paints, BASF Coatings is the global player in the coatings industry.

Source: BASF Coatings

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