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BASF to Increase Prices for Polyalcohols Worldwide

Published on 2004-05-17. Author : SpecialChem

Effective May 17, 2004, or as contracts allow, BASF will raise its list and off-list selling prices for the polyalcohols 1,5- Pentanediol, 1,6-Hexanediol, å-Caprolactone, Neopentyl glycol, Hydroxy pivalic acid neopentyl glycol ester and Trimethylolpropane as follows:

Europe: + 0.16 €/kg North America: + 0.07 USD/lb Asia, South America, Middle East and Africa: + 0.20 USD/kg

In Europe an additional surcharge of 0,06 € per kilogram for flake and drum material is needed.

These price increases are necessary as a result of further cost increases and still unsatisfactory margins.

Polyalcohols are widely used in solvent free or high solid coatings, which contribute to the reduction of solvent emissions to our environment, but also in polyurethanes, alkyd resins, plastizers, artificial leather, cosmetics, or synthetic lubricants. With seven existing plants world wide, BASF is one of the leading raw material suppliers to this industry.

Source: BASF AG

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