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BASF Printing Systems and ANI Printing Inks have a New Company Name

Published on 2005-05-16. Author : SpecialChem

The wait is over; the new name for the merged ANI Printing Inks and BASF Printing Systems is XSYS Print Solutions (pronounced as Ex-syss).

Peter Koivula, CEO of XSYS Print Solutions (left) and Howard Poulson, Chairman of the Board of Directors, are presenting the new company logo.

Important factors for the selection of our new company name was that it should be:

  • memorable and individual
  • able to express our numerous possibilities and specialist knowledge.
  • internationally understandable.

"X" stands for our extensive product range, "X" new developments, "X" possibilities for our customers and "X" chances for our employees. "SYS" means systems.

There are great challenges ahead, with the market becoming more difficult, the worldwide cost pressure is increasing and technology is rapidly advancing. This was why the decision to merge ANI printing Inks and BASF Printing Systems was taken; to combine the strengths.

XSYS Print Solutions is today the largest European supplier of system solutions for the printing and packaging industry.

No other supplier possesses a portfolio as complete as XSYS. We are the foremost supplier in all of the relevant segments of the printing and packaging industry. Equipped with so many possibilities, we are far more specialised than many specialists but much closer to our customers than most regional suppliers. All of these features make us more flexible and robust for the future and the new name says it all.

"I am convinced that XSYS Print Solutions will establish itself as a new dimension of the printing and packaging industry, a name recognised by everyone." Peter Koivula, CEO XSYS Print Solutions.

XSYS Print Solutions

The XSYS group develops, produces and markets printing inks, printing plates and pigments/resins for the graphics and packaging industry. The company has 65 fully owned subsidiaries in 30 countries and a wide network of distributors covers another 50 countries. The group, headquartered in Stuttgart/Germany, employs 3 600 people worldwide and had sales in 2004 of EUR 880 million.

Source: BASF Printing Systems; ANI Printing Inks

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