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BASF’s iGloss Clearcoat Provides Improved Scratch-resistance & High Gloss to Cars

Published on 2017-07-26. Author : SpecialChem

BASF presented a case study on the use of its scratch-resistant iGloss® clearcoat. The study was presented in North America at the 29th annual SURCAR Conference.

Scratch-resistant iGloss® Clearcoat

BASF Clearcoat
BASF’s iGloss Clearcoat Provides Improved
Scratch-resistance & High Gloss to Cars

A global automotive OEM adopted the iGloss technology. The technology helped to achieve longer lasting protection on its vehicles. iGloss clearcoat technology improved scratch resistance and appearance by more than 25 percent.

iGloss clearcoat technology provides a superior, long-lasting finish that protects against micro-scratches,” said Bill Kosteniuk, Account Manager, Asian Accounts North America at BASF. “Collaborating with our customer allowed BASF to help them meet and exceed their customers’ quality expectations.

Superior, Long-lasting Finish with iGloss® Clearcoat

  • Clearcoats give vehicles a high gloss appearance and protect the exterior from:
    • Environmental influences
    • Wear and tear
  • BASF’s iGloss technology uses a new clearcoat chemistry
  • It combines the flexible, elastic finish and strong weathering resistance of inorganic components with the high scratch resistance of inorganic glass-like nanoclusters
  • The combination allows iGloss to repair minor scratches via “instant reflow
  • Instant reflow helps the clearcoat spring back from external pressures. For eg. the bristles of a car wash brush 
  • This allows the clearcoat to recover 90 percent of scratch deformation

The iGloss technology repairs minor scratches. It also offers increased scratch and weathering resistance. It allows for high gloss retention on a vehicle. Gloss retains even after many scratch cycles and accelerated weathering tests.

It can be applied with existing OEM paint lines without requiring any major changes. 

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Source: BASF
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