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BASF Coatings Offers Finish Care Tips for Cold Weather

Published on 2008-12-17. Author : SpecialChem

MÜNSTER -- Modern automotive finishes have to withstand heavy-duty impacts. They need to be weather resistant, scratch resistant, and be immune to external impacts. In winter, finishes do hard labor as they deal with mud and snow. Their job gets especially difficult when the salt trucks hit the roads in their quest to melt the ice and snow. It's the recipe for an aggressive mixture of water, salt, and dirt, which can do a number on even the highest-quality finish. Despite these problems, there are some tips for getting your finish through the winter.

Ralf Robert of BASF Coatings in Münster advises car owners to wash their cars on a regular basis - once a week is best - to protect the finish. "If your car is really dirty, you should use a steam jet to pre-treat it." Once the body is spic and span, Robert recommends that the finish be meticulously inspected. Any rough spots will make the finish more vulnerable to the elements. The same is true for other environmental impacts as well, which can overwhelm even the best finish. "If a piece of gravel or a tiny stone hits a car moving on the highway at 180 km per hour, it's a challenge, no matter what the finish," says Robert.

Even minor damage can wreak havoc when road salt splashes onto the finish. "When the surface is too badly damaged, the salt can virtually burn into the substrate," Robert explains. "This can result in flaking and corrosion creepback." He recommends having minor damage repaired at a bodyshop right away. "Early intervention is cheaper than having to get a new paint job somewhere down the line, when the rusty spots are much more obvious." Modern refinishing products produced by BASF Coatings blend in excellently and restore the original resistance of the coating.

Especially drivers who have to park on the street should inspect their car's finish and invest in care, because their vehicles are continuously exposed to weathering impacts. "A well-ventilated garage is a much better alternative for the finish," says Robert. But even if you park your car outside, you can maintain the finish - and, in turn, the resale value of the vehicle. "Thanks to the continuously improving properties and functionality of the paint, cars that receive good care have great finishes, even after 20 years."

Source: BASF

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