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Announcement of Organizational Changes and Personnel Changes of Directors

Published on 2010-06-11. Author : SpecialChem

TOYO INK MFG. CO., LTD. announces that a meeting of its Board of Directors held informally decided to make the following organizational changes, in addition to a number of personnel changes involving directors (mission changes) and general personnel changes as announced before. Details are as follows:

Organizational Changes (on July 1st, 2010)

As part of preparations for adopting a holding company structure (scheduled to begin on April 1, 2011) as announced on April 17 and May 17, 2010, Business Sectors consisting of the Ink Business Sector, Chemical Business Sector and Global Business Sector will be established. In accordance with these new Business Sectors, Business Headquarters will be dismantled. The Ink Business Sector will control the manufacture and sale of Printing & Information-related business and Packaging Materials-related business; the Chemical Business Sector will control the manufacture and sale of Polymers & Coatings-related business and Colorants & Functional Materials-related business; and finally, the international business will be transferred to the Global Business Sector.

Personnel Changes of Directors

Shigeki Matsuyama: Senior Managing Director, in charge of quality assurance, production and environmental management, in charge of General Affaires Department, Chairman of Monozukuri Innovation Committee

Masahiro Sumiyama: Director, Division Director of Production & Logistics HQ

Hiroya Aoyama: Director, CHO, CFO, in charge of Internal Audit Dept.

Madoka Yasuike: Director, CTO, Division Director of R&D, Technical HQ

Mami Aotani: Director, General Manager of Purchasing Dept., Procurement HQ

Katsumi Yamazaki: Director, Senior Executive Operating Officer, Division Director of Ink Business Sector

Motohiko Kashioka: Director, Executive Operating Officer, Division Director of Chemical Business Sector

Shuji Miyazaki: Director, Operating Officer, General Manager of Color Materials Div., Chemical Business Sector

Fusao Ito: Director, Operating Officer, Division Director of Global Business Sector

Source: TOYO

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