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ADLER's Aquawood Protor Offers a Shimmering, Glossy Finish for Front Door Coatings

Published on 2012-06-08. Author : SpecialChem

The front door is the optical visiting card of the house and one of the most important architectural design elements of the facade. This means: They should be glossy! This is why ADLER has the Aquawood-Protor system that has been making the entrance a successful one since two years, and soon with a shimmering finish: Aquawood Protor-Finish Pearl gives the front door the gloss that it deserves.

"The field service employees have forwarded the desires of the customers to us saying that the Protor front door coating should also be available with the metallic finish," explains Dr. Peter Hoernes, who is the manager at ADLER for the development of window and front door coating systems. "However, this is not so easy, since you cannot work with aluminium flakes with this system as usual for chemical reasons. This means that we had to hit upon some other idea." The solution proposed by Dr. Hoernes and his development team is a modified pearl gloss pigment that provides a particularly elegant gloss - in the most diverse color shades.

This shimmering adjustment of Aquawood Protor, too, is impressive with the usually good properties of the front door coating: Scratch resistance, protection against weathering and UV radiation and particularly important: easy to use. "We tinkered for a while until this finish could be achieved easily and comfortably with airless equipment. But that was an important prerequisite, since this is how our customers work," says Dr. Hoernes.

In addition to the metallic finish, ADLER has supplemented the range of its Protor front door coatings with a texture paste: Aquafix S. It is added to the Protor-Finish and the hardness and scratch resistance get enhanced, defects in the substrate get concealed and the surface feels comfortably warm, somewhat rough and lively as far as the texture is concerned. "The blending ratio is eight percent of Aquafix S to the topcoat. We, of course, fill in the texture paste according to this ratio in the 2.2 and 8 kilo containers of Protor-Finish," says Dr. Hoernes. He is happy to learn that both products, successful in all respects, would soon be launched in the market.


ADLER is a family business, rich in tradition and based in Tyrol.

Source: ADLER

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