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Acheson Upgrades Acoustic Lab, Leads Market in Noise-testing Capabilities for Auto Manufacturers

Published on 2008-02-26. Author : SpecialChem

PORT HURON, MI -- Acheson announced that it has made a significant investment in the upgrading of its acoustic laboratory to support the global weather strip seal coating market. The investment extends Acheson's capabilities for serving auto manufacturers who require noise suppression on weather strip seals and customers who make weather strip seals utilizing Acheson's coatings.

The investment covers additional test systems for the objective evaluation of acoustic quality. In addition to the existing MB dynamics instrumentation in the lab, Acheson has added a new Ziegler friction testing system."This combination of capabilities puts Acheson in the lead when it comes to acoustic testing," said Gino Mariani, Marketing Manager, Acheson."Other companies have one system or the other, but as far as I know, no other source offers both types of testing. Our customers benefit from seal noise performance documented under precise laboratory conditions and presented in the format that they prefer."

In addition to the investment in equipment, Acheson redesigned its acoustic laboratory to bring the ambient noise level below 30 decibels and added chambers to control environmental conditions on both MB dynamics and Ziegler systems.

"Because we've developed the ability to measure squeak and itch of seals and develop solutions, we can go to market quicker with new coatings and can provide timely problem-solving for the OEM and tier-one providers when they run into noise problems. We can put a seal through a set of diagnostics that help us quickly understand the root cause so we can implement solutions for our customers," said Mariani.

Acheson is approved to run tests for GM and Ford, and also works with automotive OEMs in developing noise test analysis. Using sophisticated equipment, Acheson experts measure noise under varied routines of seal movement, including: noise emanating from rubber vehicle seals (door seals, sunroof seals, glass runs and headers) rubbing against paint, glass, interior plastic trim and itself; vinyl rubbing against ABS, paint and itself; and other combinations. In addition, Acheson successfully troubleshoots field or launch problems by combining noise tests with microscopy and abrasion testing.

Acheson's goal is to prevent noise before it happens, solve the problem when it does, detect root causes and provide solutions, according to Mariani. The company's capabilities include validation of line trial samples for compliance with OEM requirements; noise measurement of all types of seals; evaluation of R&D samples to optimize seal variations; preview of noise of alternative coatings over new seals; formulation of innovative coatings that suppress noise; and accurate coating recommendations, reducing initial trial runs.

Acheson, a National Starch and Chemical business, is a global supplier of specialty electrical materials, specialty coatings, process lubricants and lubricant-application equipment. Acheson's products are utilized in countless applications in the electronics, automotive, aerospace, appliance, metalworking and other industries. Acheson has a global presence with facilities in Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States.

Acheson's product trade names include Dag® Molydag® Emralon®, Aerodag®, SLA™, FGA®, Deltacast®, and Deltaforge®.

National Starch and Chemical Company is a member of the ICI Group, an Akzo Nobel company. National Starch is a worldwide manufacturer of adhesives, specialty polymers, natural polymers and electronic materials, with 2006 sales of $3.7 billion. The company is headquartered in Bridgewater, N.J.

Source: Acheson

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