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ACC Announces Winners for the 2007 Polyurethanes "Innovation Awards"

Published on 2007-10-01. Author : SpecialChem

ORLANDO, FLA. -- Center for the Polyurethanes Industry (CPI) of the American Chemistry Council, formerly Alliance for the Polyurethanes Industry, announced the winners for the 2007 Polyurethane "Innovation Awards" during the closing session of its Polyurethanes Technical Conference in Orlando, Fla.

Bayer MaterialScience received the award in the Polyurethane Chemicals category for its gas-phase phosgenation of TDI toward TDA, a unique process that enables significant improvements in productivity, plant safety and climate protection. KraussMaffei received the award in the Processing Equipment category for its innovative SkinForm method, the first to combine injection molding and reaction injection molding technologies to enable the processing of both thermoplastics and Polyurethanes in a single, multi-component step. Sealed Air Corporation received the award in the Finished Product category for their Quick® Room Temperature Polyurethane foam packaging, which provides customers with custom-fit protective cushioning for their packages.

"The purpose of the Polyurethane Innovation Award is to highlight the efforts and foresight of companies and individuals whose visions have brought new products to the marketplace," said Neeva-Gayle Candelori, director of CPI. "Because Polyurethane is used in so many everyday applications - the cushions we sit on, the carpet we walk on, the shoes we run in - breakthrough innovations using Polyurethane will continue to have a substantial impact on society."

Bayer MaterialScience was one of three finalists in the Polyurethane Chemicals category. The other finalists included Rhein Chemie Corporation for Oligimeric Carbondiimide/Stabazol P-200, innovative carbodiimides that reduces the acid content of soy-based polyols; and Honeywell International, for its environmentally friendly Enovate® HFC-245fa blowing agent, which equals the low temperature performance of banned CFC-11 blowing agents in applications ranging from metal panels to appliances and spray foams.

KraussMaffei was one of three finalists in the Processing Equipment category. The other finalists included the Cannon Group for its Cannon JL family of high-pressure, L-shaped mix heads, which not only eliminate the need for injectors in the mixing chamber while improving ease of use, they also enable a high range of outputs and the use of lower pressures in the feed circuit; and Desma GmbH for its multiple flexible mixing head with solid filler dosing system, which enables the use of up to eight different component/additive values in one mixing head and the ability to change the properties of the product during production.

Sealed Air Corporation was one of two finalists in the Finished Product category. The other finalist was The Dow Chemical Company and the Texas Research Institute, Austin, for their joint development of an environmentally benign, solid dry film lubricant coating for extreme-pressure tribology applications where conventional oils and greases cannot be employed.

More than 975 people from 40 countries attended this year's Polyurethanes Technical Conference, in partnership with UTECH North America Exhibition. The Polyurethane Innovation Award honors the most innovative use of Polyurethane in an end-use product. Sponsored by CPI, it will be offered again in conjunction with the Polyurethanes 2008 Technical Conference, Sept. 29 - Oct. 1 in San Antonio, TX. More information on the award, submission of an entry, as well as the history and uses of Polyurethane, can be found at the Center for the Polyurethanes Industry.

The Center for the Polyurethanes Industry of the American Chemistry Council promotes the sustainable growth of the Polyurethane industry, consistent with the principles of Responsible Care®, by identifying and managing issues that could impact the industry, in cooperation with user groups. Its members are U.S. producers or distributors of chemicals and equipment used to make Polyurethane or are manufacturers of Polyurethane products.

Source: American Chemistry Council

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