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1 Million Tons Acrylic Product Delivered

Published on 2010-02-23. Author : SpecialChem

AA/AE Division of BASF-YPC Company Limited sold the millionth ton Acrylic Product from its operations in Nanjing. This event was celebrated together with our key customer SanDia polymers (Nantong) Co., Ltd, the leading producer of SAP in China, who proudly received the millionth ton product. SanDia also praised us for our outstanding reliability and support.

Dr. Michael Baumgaertel, General Manger of AA/AE Division, stressed in his speech that one million tons Acrylic Product, which of course produced very reliably at constant high quality and most important - at a very high safety standard. "Excellent production performance is the foundation of our overall success of BASF-YPC Company Limited."

"The outstanding logistics service with high on-time delivery reliability and transportation safety due to a very stringent logistics-service-provider concept and management is also a key factor to our success. Behind the scene, there are many more colleagues (the colleagues from production safety, lab center, maintenance, finance and accounting teams, etc), who have been giving us an excellent support which at the end ensures our smooth cooperation with our customers like SanDia," he said.

"Acrylics operations should be proud of managing the business well in this very challenging and volatile Chinese Acrylics market with so many start-up competitors. However, with our strong 'Verbund' concept and backward integration into Propylene and Oxo, our own reliable production as well as our strong customer-oriented business approach, we are well prepared to keep our strong market position," he also said.

In the speech of Dr. Bernd Blumenberg, president of BASF-YPC Company Limited, he highly appreciated the contributions of AA/AE Division and all Company colleagues. Afterwards, he pressed the "Start" button together with the customer to fill the Millionth Ton product into a truck to SanDia.

The ceremony was also to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Acrylics operations in BASF-YPC Company Limited. The Methyl-Acrylate plant was the first one operating in the company and selling the first product to our customer in January 2005.

Source: BASF-YPC Company Limited

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