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PPG Adds New Automotive Coatings Production Line, BASF Inaugurates Innovation Campus Asia, Siegwerk to Take Acquire Hi-Tech Products

SpecialChem / Mar 9, 2017

Hello and welcome to your late week international coatings industry update, brought to you by SpecialChem. In industry news since last issue, Perstorp announced the sale of its additives activities primarily serving the paints and coatings industry to Synthomer and KRAHN CHEMIE announced that it is the new distributor of precipitated silica products from PPG in Poland. Axalta will focus on automotive coating system development at PITTCON and Evonik developed a fully-automated plant for testing coatings formulations. There’s much more where we continue and as always, you can go to the above items now using the links, or checkout our latest stories, which we’ll get to right away…

PPG Adds New Waterborne Automotive Coatings Production Line

PPG has marked the completion of a new USD 19 million high-performance waterborne and high-solids coatings production line at its Wuhu facility in Anhui province, China. The new line enhances the production and service capabilities of PPG’s automotive coatings business for customers in China. With the implementation in China of stricter environmental regulations, automakers have increased the use of low-volatile organic compound (low-VOC) coatings. The plant adds production for environmentally-friendly waterborne coatings to meet growing demand of automotive manufacturers and parts makers across China. The new topcoat manufacturing facility adds process advancements and a higher degree of automation. Storage tanks are added to the facility to help reduce waste at the Wuhu plant. “PPG’s high-performance waterborne and high-solids automotive coatings enable our customers in China to meet environmental requirements while improving the quality of their vehicles,” said Vincent Robin, PPG vice president, automotive coatings, Asia Pacific.

Innovation Campus Asia Pacific - BASF’s R&D Investment in South Asia

BASF Group has inaugurated its new Innovation Campus Asia Pacific, located in Mumbai, India. The project will involve a total expected investment of up to €50 million from BASF Group, and marks the Group’s largest research and development (R&D) investment in South Asia. All global research operations at BASF Innovation Campus Asia Pacific (Mumbai) will be housed under BASF Chemicals India Private Limited, a 100% subsidiary of BASF SE. The new innovation campus will expand the company’s existing R&D activities in India to include global and regional research on a wide range of specialty chemicals. Topics will cover personal and home care, process development, organic synthesis, crop protection and many more. “A growing need for energy, food and clean water, limited resources, and a rising world population pose huge challenges. Innovations based on chemistry will enable new solutions,” said Dr. Martin Brudermueller, Vice Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors, BASF SE and Chief Technology Officer. “

Siegwerk to Take Ownership of Hi-Tech Products

Siegwerk, one of the leading international suppliers of printing inks for packaging applications and labels, has signed a contract to purchase UK-based Hi-Tech Products Ltd. The specialist supplier of water-based inks and coatings develops and manufactures high-quality water-based flexo inks, mainly for printing on corrugated board packaging. By making this purchase, Siegwerk is once again expanding its product and service offering for the packaging market. “Hi-Tech Products Ltd is an established and well-known water-based ink supplier in the UK. The company’s ink solutions and coatings perfectly complement our water-based ink portfolio”, says Dirk Weissenfeldt, Vice President Paper & Board and Liquid Food Packaging at Siegwerk. “This merger enables us to expand our local footprint in the UK and therefore to continue raising our profile as a supplier of water-based printing inks in Europe.”

On your Coatings Radar

On your coatings radar for this issue is something you don’t often see – genuine diamond effect pigment paint. There’s probably a reason for this (read on,) but apparently, the folks at Rolls-Royce have pulled out all the stops for its display at this year's Geneva Motor Show, which begins Thursday. Rolls-Royce will unveil a version of its Ghost luxury sedan that's painted with actual diamonds at this year's show. Aptly named Diamond Stardust, the Ghost features paint made from 1,000 crushed diamonds. Rolls-Royce says the diamonds were "ethically sourced" and the paint was made in-house. It's the most expensive paint ever used on a Rolls-Royce. The story goes that it took two months of testing for Rolls-Royce to ensure the diamonds would maintain their shine when used in paint. The result is a clear paint that can spread over the Ghost's surface and remain undetectable to touch. But please don’t think that Rolls is fronting a frivolous display of wealth. The coating is only used on the top section of the two-tone Ghost. As usual, Rolls-Royce didn't disclose a price for the car, but said it was commissioned for an individual collector. A typical Ghost, sans diamond paint, runs well north of 300,000 USD.

Evonik’s New Fully Automated Plant for Testing Coating Formulations

Evonik has accelerated the search for optimal formulations with its new, fully automated plant for testing coating formulations. The high-throughput plant enables the company to systematically test more formulations over the same period of time than before. For Evonik’s customers, this means they can optimize and develop their coating formulations quicker, saving valuable time when launching new products into the market.

The number of combinations of substances for coatings formulations is enormous: Even if only ten hardeners, ten binding agents, ten pigments and ten additives are to be taken into account in the development of a coating formulation, this results in 104 or 10,000 combinations. And this does not even include variations in proportions.

In practice, it is impossible to cover the complete range of possibilities or to test the properties of all combinations and proportions. However, a systematic search for the optimal coating formulation requires exactly that: examination of an enormous range of options. With the set-up of their high throughput plant, the coatings experts at Evonik have found a solution for this dilemma.

Automation provides high throughput through a prescribed, stepped process. In the first step, the plant dispenses raw materials automatically and formulates them into coatings. In the second step, the substrates are coated with the formulations, dried, and then transported to the test stand. At the test stand, the properties of the formulations are characterized. All steps are carried out automatically according to a precisely defined program that can be reproduced at any time.

The plant consists of 52 elements that are combined in 30 functionalities; each functionality is designed to handle a specific task (for example, to apply a coating formulation to a substrate). The 52 elements are connected by a rail system that goes through all parts of the plant; on the rail systems, containers and substrates are transported via shuttle. In addition, there are 13 robots that carry out various activities such as loading the shuttle or placing coated substrates in the oven.

Within 24 hours, an average of 120 samples can be formulated in the plant. While these are being applied to a substrate and characterized, the experiments for a new project can be initiated.

Due to sophisticated technology and software, the HTE plant is extremely reliable and reproducible at any time. It registers any deviations from the target value and saves them. This means that in the case of conspicuous results, it is easy to check if there have been any irregularities in the work processes.

With up to 600 parameters, 40 different work steps can be defined precisely in the HTE plant. This enables Evonik to freely combine the individual steps in a workflow and to incorporate the diverse requirements of the customers.

Evonik will be present at the European Coatings Show in Nuremberg from April 4 to 6, 2017, in Hall 7A, Stand 323

HELM Signs Agreement with Greenyug to Sell Bio-based Ethyl Acetate

HELM and Greenyug have announced an off-take agreement for the purchase and sale of bio-based Ethyl Acetate produced at Greenyug’s planned Ethyl Acetate facility in Columbus, Nebraska.

Greenyug has formed a subsidiary, Prairie Catalytic, which will own and operate the production facility. The agreement will make significant amounts of bio-based Ethyl Acetate available first time to the market. The facility will be located next to Archer Daniels Midland Company's Corn Processing Plant in Columbus, Nebraska.

The ADM facility in Columbus will supply the project with bioethanol feedstock and other services. Construction of the facility is anticipated to start during 2017 with production set to begin about a year later.

Greenyug and HELM have announced that HELM will take over exclusive responsibility for the worldwide sales and marketing of Ethyl Acetate from the Prairie Catalytic facility. Axel Viering, Executive Director of the Derivatives business unit at HELM, highlighted the relevance of the marketing contract with Prairie Catalytic and its parent Greenyug: “By entering into this marketing agreement we are further strengthening our global presence and expanding our existing competence in ethyl acetate distribution. As a major global distributor of chemicals, HELM looks forward to a long-term relationship with Greenyug and Prairie Catalytic.”

“The collaboration with HELM clearly fulfills our project needs of a major marketer, and we are impressed with HELM’s secure network in relevant markets worldwide. This off-take agreement provides us immediate access to Ethyl Acetate customers enabling Prairie Catalytic to generate revenue once the plant is operational,” stated Sagar Gadewar, Greenyug and Prairie Catalytic, CEO.

Greenyug developed its patented technology at its Santa Barbara, California Research Facility and continued the scale-up at its fully integrated demonstration plant in India. Greenyug has developed a proprietary platform to add value to bioethanol by upgrading it into a variety of bio-based chemicals with broad market appeal. Greenyug Ethyl Acetate, the first of such products, is a widely marketed specialty solvent used extensively in products such as paints, coatings, pharmaceuticals, adhesives and a variety of consumer goods. Ethyl Acetate has a global market of more than $4 Billion. The market for Ethyl Acetate is growing faster than GDP because of its desirable properties. Greenyug Ethyl Acetate will be the first commercially available in industrial quantities to be entirely sourced from renewable feedstock.

Perstorp Sells Belgian Site, Coating Additives Activities to Synthomer

The specialty chemicals innovator and supplier Perstorp (Perstorp Holding AB) today announces the sale of its additives activities primarily serving the paints and coatings industry produced at its facility at Gent Belgium, Perstorp Belgium (Perstorp Oxo Belgium AB) to Synthomer (Synthomer plc). The total consideration for the sale is €78 million (subject to certain adjustments). The divestment is in line with Perstorp’s strategy to focus on and expand its core chemicals activities.

Perstorp Belgium manufactures and markets a range of performance additives to a global customer base across a number of end-markets including paints and coatings and plastics. The business employs 45 employees at its Gent facility, who will all be transferred with the business. In the year to 31 December 2016, Perstorp Belgium generated earnings before interest and tax of €8 million. At 31 December 2016, Perstorp Belgium had gross assets of €21 million. The transaction represented a multiple of circa 9.0x 2016 EBITDA.

“The sale of Perstorp Belgium is a natural step in our strategy of focusing on growing our core technology platforms. The transaction provides Perstorp Belgium and its employees with an opportunity to develop further within Synthomer” says Perstorp President & CEO Jan Secher.

Benjamin Moore Introduces CENTURY™ Soft Touch Matte Finish Architectural

Benjamin Moore this week revealed new paint, CENTURY™ – a new dimension in paint that builds upon the brand’s legacy of craftsmanship, precision and beauty. Formulated to exceed the creative desires of the most exacting designers and environments, this innovative paint comes in a curated collection of 75 brand new colors that are brought to life with the first Soft Touch Matte finish.

According to the company, Benjamin Moore has developed the most sophisticated palette in its class through a complex alchemy of art and science. Skilled craftsmen and chemists applied years of experience to the making of this ultra-premium paint. The resulting formulation is so intricately balanced it is only made in small batches that will be pre-mixed and sealed to ensure the truest color and experience in every can. The convergence of science and craftsmanship in CENTURY produced the first-of-its-kind Soft Touch Matte finish, offering a tactile experience similar to that of a soft leather glove.

CENTURY is available in a palette of 75 colors, ranging from mid-tone to dark shades, intended to enrich the color collection of interior designers. These quintessential hues offer an unrivaled depth and richness of color previously unseen in the industry, enabling this paint to transform not only a room, but the entire color experience. The colors of the CENTURY palette draw inspiration from natural elements such as minerals, gems, spices, herbs and plants.

“CENTURY was created for the finest of designs that require flawless execution and impeccable quality,” said Harriette Martins, Benjamin Moore Senior Brand Manager. “The unmatched richness and color saturation, coupled with the tactile experience of CENTURY, delivers a new dimension in paint unlike anything the design world has seen. With CENTURY, color becomes an experience.”

CENTURY is available in pre-mixed gallons and 4 ounce color samples at select Benjamin Moore paint and decorating retailers. Professional reference sets made with CENTURY paint are available to design professionals.

KRAHN CHEMIE to Distribute PPG’s Precipitated Silica in Poland

As of January 1, 2017 KRAHN CHEMI began distributing the precipitated silica products from PPG in Poland. Both companies already collaborate in Italy, where Pietro Carini, the Italian subsidiary of KRAHN, acts as sales and marketing partner of PPG for many years.

The product range of PPG comprises synthetic amorphous precipitated silica and other performance silica products for various applications. HI-SIL® silica products are used as reinforcing fillers for rubber and as thickening agents in the adhesives and sealants industry and help to achieve desired rheology properties and anti-sag/suspension performance with minimal impact on other system properties. The LO-VEL® flatting agents reduce the gloss of a variety of products including coatings, paints, lacquers, varnishes and inks, while providing lower viscosity and better stir-in capability. AGILON® performance silica is a high-value technology platform of chemically-modified precipitated silica for tires and industrial rubber applications, which, for example, reduce the rolling resistance of tires or improve the heat build-up resistance of rubber compounds while overcoming productivity and environmental issues typically associated with traditional in-situ silica/silane mixing.

“We are very happy to broaden our existing portfolio for the Polish coatings and rubber industry with the silica products of PPG. As one of the top players, PPG offers a broad and innovative range of precipitated silica products which are from high quality and well accepted in the market,” said Jaroslaw Rogalinski, Managing Director of Krahn Chemie Polska.

“What we expect from a distributor is a strong and close relationship to the customers and a deep understanding of our products and their performance. This is what Pietro Carini has proven in Italy for many years, and this is why we appointed KRAHN CHEMIE Polska as our new distributor in Poland. We are sure that KRAHN CHEMIE will be a valuable partner for our customers and for us,” said Adam Riley, Sales Engineer, EMEA, silica products of PPG.

Sun Chemical Acquires RJA Dispersions

Sun Chemical Corporation has acquired the assets and business of RJA Dispersions LLC, effective March 1, 2017.

Based in Hudson, Wisconsin. USA, RJA Dispersions is a leader in ultra-fine particle and pigment dispersions for the digital inks market. Primarily used for energy cure (UV), eco-solvent and aqueous inkjet inks, RJA’s full range of dispersions will join Sun Chemical Performance Pigments’ diverse product lineup.

“RJA Dispersions is a technology-based company with an excellent reputation for its innovative, high-quality and cutting-edge specialty dispersions for the rapidly growing digital market,” said Myron Petruch, President of Sun Chemical Performance Pigments and Executive Officer of Sun Chemical’s parent company, DIC Corporation. “This is an excellent bolt-on acquisition for our global pigments business and will immediately expand our product offerings for this growing market segment. This acquisition supports our strategy of continuing to expand our global pigments business into sustainable high growth, high value product lines and markets.”

RJA Dispersions will become part of Sun Chemical’s Performance Pigments’ digital business unit led by Peter O’Loughlin. As the director of digital, O’Loughlin will lead the RJA Dispersions integration and be responsible for the global growth of the combined product portfolio of this business unit.

Univar Announces Distribution Agreement with ANGUS

Univar recently announced its entry into a new distribution agreement with ANGUS Chemical Company (“ANGUS”) to include the Paint and Coatings, and Industrial markets in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, with availability in Finland and the Baltics planned for April. This agreement expands on the two companies existing relationship in Italy and was effective January 1, 2017.

“We are delighted to expand our existing business in new countries with Angus,” said Nilay Midilli, Industry Director, CASE, Univar EMEA. “Angus’ product range complements our specialty product portfolio. Together we will be growing through new markets and opportunities with Angus products. The addition of such high-valued specialty products is in line with our growth strategies and our specialty focus in the Coatings and Industrial segments. We look forward to offering our customers new opportunities and supporting business development with our highly dedicated technical sales team and commercial capabilities.”

This new agreement further enriches Univar’s speciality portfolio with ANGUS’ multifunctional neutralizers and specialty additives for architectural and industrial coatings, building materials, printing inks and pigments. ANGUS’ product range includes AEPD® VOX 1000 neutralizing amine, a multifunctional additive for low-odor, low-VOC (volatile organic compound) interior water-based paints, and an ideal formulating tool for paint producers needing to comply with EU Directive 2004/42/EC.

“Univar has been an important and valued partner of ANGUS for many years in the region,” said Liam Doherty, Business Vice President, EMEA and India, ANGUS Chemical Company. “We look forward to expanding on this relationship to further enhance our ability to deliver the highest levels of supply reliability to customers, supported by Univar’s one-stop access to deep technical expertise in paint and coatings, and other industrial markets.”

In other news, Sun Chemical has announced that it will showcase a range of products specially formulated for glass, including organic UV screen inks during Deco ’17. The inks offer excellent adhesion to glass..more about this

Axalta and General Motors UK have renewed their three-year agreement. The agreement enables Cromax, Spies Hecker and Standox to support GM UK’s Vauxhall dealers and its network of approved body...more about this

FinishMaster has announced that it has completed the acquisition of substantially all of the assets of Hi-Tec/Professional Paint and Auto Body Supply. This acquisition marks FinishMaster’s first two...more about this

And finally, Subsea Industries’ Ecospeed hull protection system has been selected for RRS Sir David Attenborough, the polar research ship under construction in UK. Ecospeed provides an effective barrier against...more about this

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