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BYK to Construct Integrated Site in Shanghai, RPM Purchases Polymer Flooring & Coating Systems Manufacturer, Axalta Makes Offer to Purchase IVA

SpecialChem / Mark Drukenbrod – Aug 1, 2017

Hello and welcome to your early week international coatings industry update, brought to you by SpecialChem. In industry news since last issue, Clariant and Huntsman presented a first update on their planned merger and Evonik is expanding its fumed silica capacity in Antwerp, Belgium. Azelis agreed to acquire Chemcolour and Leeds University researchers have developed a light-refracting epoxy coating that helps measure concrete strength. There’s much more where we continue and as always, you can go to the above items now using the links, or checkout our latest stories, which we’ll get to right away

BYK to Construct Integrated Site in Shanghai

BYK has announced that is building a new integrated site. It is located in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park. The company is investing over 30 million euros in the new site. It combines R&D, technical services, logistics, and administrative functions under one roof. It forms the basis for the continued expansion of BYK's business operations in Greater China and the whole Asia-Pacific region. Dr. Fu Dechun, Managing Director BYK Greater China, said, "As a major step forward for our company, the construction of the integrated site in Shanghai is of strategic significance for the future long-term development of BYK and the ALTANA Group at large. This investment will ensure our long-term leadership in terms of R&D, customer services, manufacturing, and logistics capabilities, providing optimum products and services to our customers."

RPM Purchases Polymer Flooring & Coating Systems Manufacturer

RPM has acquired Key Resin Company, a manufacturer of polymer flooring and coating systems. It will operate as one of RPM’s Euclid Group of companies. Headquartered in Batavia, Ohio, Key Resin has annual net sales of approximately $25 million. Terms of the transaction, which is expected to be accretive to earnings within one year, were not disclosed. Key Resin manufactures and markets terrazzo and resinous flooring, wall coating systems, concrete repair materials and maintenance products for industrial, institutional and commercial applications. It sells directly to contractors and facility owners, enabling Key Resin to provide highly insightful and responsive customer service and technical support. The company primarily serves the North American market.

Axalta Makes Offer to Purchase IVA, a Wire Enamel Manufacturer

Axalta has made a binding offer to acquire the European and Chinese operations of IVA, one of the world’s leading wire enamel manufacturers, from its parent company Superior Essex. IVA is well known for its broad portfolio of high performance, high quality wire enamels including top coats and self-bonding products. These include state-of-the-art insulating technologies used in the manufacture of E-mobility technology, renewable energy applications, medical equipment, household appliances and industrial and automotive applications. “We look forward to welcoming IVA into Axalta,” said Michael Glomp, Axalta’s Global Vice President, Energy Solutions. “IVA’s single-minded focus on continuous innovation, quality and customer fulfillment is well aligned with Axalta’s values, and we look forward to offering our customers enhanced insulating enamel solutions at the cutting edge of magnet and electrical wiring technology.”

On Your Coatings Radar – Elliott Returns to Court against AkzoNobel

Activist hedge fund Elliott Advisors was back in court on July 27th in an attempt to oust the chairman of Akzo Nobel for his role in the rejection of the recent $30 billion takeover attempt by PPG Industries. Elliott is the largest single investor in AkzoNobel, holding 9.5 percent of shares.

Akzo stated on Tuesday that Chairman Antony Burgmans intended on leaving office when his term expires in April of 2018. Currently, Akzo and PPG are in a six-month compulsory cooling off period which will expire in December, according to a report by Reuters.

Elliott lawyer Jan-Willem de Groot said that there is widespread shareholder support for their meeting demand.

"Almost the entire top 20 of Akzo shareholders, representing total investments of more than 6 billion euros, have been urging a meeting for months," he said.

In a preliminary ruling in May, Amsterdam's Enterprise Chamber rejected Elliott's first bid to compel Akzo to convene an extraordinary meeting of shareholders to vote on dismissing Burgmans, saying it was an attempt to misappropriate control of the company's strategic direction from its board.

"All objections to Burgmans relate to the strategy and decisions regarding PPG," lawyer Harm-Jan de Kluiver said. "But it's already established that Akzo Nobel's board acted within their rights."

Akzo said that shareholders would have their say at an extraordinary meeting that it has scheduled for September 8th, but Elliott immediately responded to the negative, saying Akzo had chosen "yet again to flout fundamental shareholder rights" by not allowing a vote on Burgmans as well.

The court will present its ruling on August 10th. If it rules in favor of Elliott, Akzo will be compelled to have an additional extraordinary shareholders meeting, as it will, at that point, be too late to add items to the agenda of the September 8th meeting due to regulatory deadlines.

HuntsmanClariant Merger On-Track

On July 27th, Clariant and Huntsman Corporation presented a first update on the planned merger of equals to keep their shareholders informed. The preparations to create HuntsmanClariant, a leading global specialty chemicals company, are showing continued strong progress and are proceeding as planned with an unchanged closing targeted for December 2017 / January 2018.

Clariant and Huntsman have agreed on a joint strategic direction for near- and long-term value creation based on continued focus on higher growth and higher margin businesses, expansion of existing strong downstream presence, reaping benefits of complementary product portfolios and breadth of reach to deliver an additional organic sales revenue growth of around 2% p.a. at approx. 20% EBITDA margin and delivering synergies in excess of $400m as well as the $25m tax savings.

The merger brings together two strong specialty chemicals businesses with similar EBITDA margins at 17.2% (including synergies). It will reap complementarity benefits between Performance Products, Care Chemicals and Natural Resources, which represent approx. 35% of HuntsmanClariant combined sales and hold a comprehensive surfactants portfolio in high-end niche markets globally.

It will have meaningful opportunities for growth including cross-selling potential and new product applications. The complementary assets and geographic fit provide significant commercial opportunities and more global reach within established routes to market. Furthermore, HuntsmanClariant will take advantage of its broad asset base while continuing to move downstream into specialties and more differentiated applications. As a result of these complementary product portfolios and structures, additional organic sales revenues of around 2% p.a. at approx. 20% EBITDA margin have been identified.

HuntsmanClariant's position as a leading global specialty chemicals company will further benefit from complementary R&D and technological expertise as well as shared knowledge in sustainability and cross-fertilization in innovation and technology capabilities.

The portfolio management principles and capital allocation plans of the new company are fully aligned. There is a clear joint understanding of the combined company's future core segments and the direct majority of investments will be directed to growth areas and growth regions. The current downstream presence will be expanded by targeting formulation- and application-based segment niches as well as high-end composites, bespoke polyurethane (PU) systems, and costumer oriented and co-developed products. The existing presence in the adaptive chemical methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI) and in chemical building blocks such as ethylene oxide (EO) and propylene oxide (PO) is to be further advanced in downstream urethane systems as well as downstream applications such as surfactants. The portfolio will be simplified. Complexity will be reduced while utilizing significant strategic flexibility to consider value creating add-on acquisitions and divestments. Plastics & Coatings and Textile Effects will be managed for cash and turnaround while all other businesses will be managed for growth and margins.

The project team is progressing very well in terms of joint synergy implementation and has high confidence in meeting the synergy target in excess of $400m as well as the $25m tax saving target. Key regulatory filings are submitted, including in the US, EU and China. No regulatory roadblocks are expected to closing the deal. A preliminary CFIUS filing has also been submitted.

The joint senior management team is committed to making HuntsmanClariant a success from day 1. It is a unique opportunity to combine the best of two cultures - Huntsman's entrepreneurship and efficiency and Clariant's innovation and business excellence. Both CEOs and executive teams are fully involved in post-merger integration planning and the great working spirit confirms the cultural fit between both organizations.

Evonik Expands Fumed Silica Capacity in Antwerp

Evonik is investing an amount in the upper double-digit million euro range in the expansion of its fumed silica capacities in Antwerp, Belgium. The production complex is scheduled to become operational in the summer of 2019. Typical applications of these specialty silica, which Evonik markets under the name AEROSIL®, include coatings and paints, modern adhesive systems, transparent silicones as well as non-flammable high-performance insulation materials.

This investment is a good fit for our strategy to concentrate more on distinct specialty chemicals businesses and to gradually create a more balanced portfolio," says Christian Kullmann, Chairman of the Evonik Executive Board. Silica are part of “Smart Materials”, one of Evonik’s four strategic growth engines with above-average market growth and margin potential. "With this investment in the silica business, which has low cyclicality, we are consistently following our growth course and solidifying our position as a leading global provider. Following the planned takeover of the Huber silica business and the continuous expansion of precipitated silica capacity, the AEROSIL® expansion in Antwerp is the next logical step," Kullmann notes. With this investment Evonik is executing a further project within the scope of its defined investment budget.

The global market for fumed silica shows growth rates exceeding 4 percent, which outpaces the global economy as a whole. The market for applications in specialty silicones, adhesives for wind turbines and in the area of non-flammable high-performance insulation is posting above-average development. "By expanding our capacities in Antwerp, we want to support the market growth for fumed silica in Europe and other important export markets, while at the same time boosting our integrated European silica-silane production," explains Johannes Ohmer, member of the Board of Management of Evonik Resource Efficiency GmbH. Thanks to its central location in Europe and modern harbour, Antwerp offers ideal framework conditions. Based on the new AEROSIL® expansion, Evonik will be able to supply customers not only with hydrophilic but also hydrophobic silica from Antwerp in the future. A modernization of the silane capacity is intended to secure the raw material supply for the AEROSIL® production as well as for silanes used in tire production. AEROSIL® is generated as fumed silica from the high temperature hydrolysis of silanes in a hydrogen flame.

Evonik is a leading global manufacturer of silica. In addition to the fumed silica AEROSIL® and the precipitated silica ULTRASIL® and SIPERNAT®, Evonik also produces matting agents made from silica under the brand name ACEMATT®. Overall, the global annual production capacity of Evonik for precipitated and fumed silica as well as matting agents reaches 600,000 metric tons.

Azelis Acquires ANZ’s Chemcolour

Azelis has agreed to fully acquire Chemcolour, leading provider of speciality chemicals and food ingredients in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ). The company employs a highly knowledgeable team of 90 people, who will all transfer to Azelis. The acquisition strengthens and positions Azelis among the top distributors in ANZ.

Chemcolour is well positioned in the local markets and has shown steady growth over the years, both in speciality chemicals and food ingredients sectors. The company has built a strong portfolio of globally established suppliers thanks to their solid values, technical expertise and innovative, problem-solving approach.

Dr. Hans Joachim Müller, Azelis CEO, comments on the deal: “Australia and New -Zealand are wealthy countries with a growing population and rich in natural resources. The fact that the fundamentals of the countries positively contribute to the strength of Chemcolour’s business, makes this acquisition a great platform to extend mandates with our existing, global principals into Australia and New Zealand.”

Laurent Nataf, Azelis CEO APAC, adds: “Chemcolour has significant presence and a long-standing history in both New Zealand and Australia. Their business model is fully tailored to local markets, not only in their superb product portfolio and service, but also in the technical knowledge and commercial skills of their people. It is a perfect fit, as we have always strived to be the best local champion in every region we serve. I am confident we will create many synergies and achieve new wins together.”

Murray Nancekivell, Chemcolour CEO: “Chemcolour has positioned itself well in the New Zealand and Australian markets and the time is right to continue this growth. The acquisition of Chemcolour by Azelis puts us in an even stronger position in the market to better serve our customers and principals. This, coupled with the strongly aligned Azelis and Chemcolour values, provides excellent opportunities for our employees going forward.”

Funds advised by Apax Partners have been Azelis’ major shareholders since 2015 and are committed to supporting the company’s growth in the speciality chemicals and food ingredients distribution industry. Acquiring Chemcolour endorses this commitment and Apax is confident that the expanded range of services and global reach provided by this acquisition will bring significant benefits to customers of the combined Group.

The transaction will be closed in the course of the next months.

AkzoNobel Restructures Executive Committee

On July 25, AkzoNobel announced a new structure for its Executive Committee. This change is designed to drive operational excellence, increase customer focus, and build further momentum and speed into the organization.

In the new Executive Committee the following roles will continue: Chief Executive Officer (Thierry Vanlancker); Chief Financial Officer (Maëlys Castella); General Counsel (Sven Dumoulin) and Chief Human Resources Officer (Marten Booisma).

Changes to the Executive Committee following the new set-up include: Chief Operating Officer (Ruud Joosten, former head of Decorative Paints) and Integrated Supply Chain Leader (David Allen, elevated to Executive Committee). In addition, Werner Fuhrmann will return to AkzoNobel in the role of head of Specialty Chemicals.

Effective immediately, Ruud Joosten is named Chief Operating Officer (COO) Paints & Coatings. Working closely with CEO Thierry Vanlancker, the COO will lead the Performance Coatings and Decorative Paints businesses. He will be responsible for accelerating growth, the execution of the company's strategy, and the performance to deliver on the agreed targets. In addition, the direct responsibility for the Paints & Coatings operations - including all manufacturing, supply chain and logistics, site management, health & safety (HSE&S), and procurement will now fall under the responsibility of the Integrated Supply Chain Leader, David Allen.<>
Thierry Vanlancker, CEO, commented: “We aim to build on the successful foundation of operational excellence that AkzoNobel has laid over the past years. With Ruud Joosten stepping up as our new COO and David Allen joining our Executive Committee in the role of Integrated Supply Chain Leader, this new Executive Committee will be faster to drive integrated business planning and quick decision making. It will also enable optimal alignment between business needs and operational and supply chain delivery.”

“I am also delighted to welcome Werner Fuhrmann back to head up Specialty Chemicals and lead on the separation. His unique knowledge of the company and industry experience, having worked for almost 40 years at AkzoNobel, including running the Specialty Chemicals Business prior to my joining last year, make him an ideal person to lead the separation. It’s great to have him back on board.”

The Supervisory Board has designated Mr. Vanlancker as CEO/Chairman of the Board of Management, with full power and authority as a member of the Board of Management, in accordance with the articles of association of AkzoNobel N.V. which provides for such designation until formal CEO appointment by shareholders.

DKSH Opens Innovation Center in Philippines

DKSH’s Performance Materials Business Unit, a leading ingredients and specialty chemicals distributor and provider of Market Expansion Services, has opened an innovation center in Canlubang Laguna to focus on the development of new concepts, high-performance products, formulations and technologies for the paints, inks and construction industries. The fully-equipped, state-of-the-art innovation center will enable DKSH’s highly qualified technologists to provide market and stability testing, product demonstration, product and cost improvement, trouble- shooting and hands-on technical training.

DKSH’s Performance Materials Business Unit now operates a total of 27 strategically-located innovation centers worldwide – more than any other ingredients and specialty chemicals distributor. The new facility joins a total of seven DKSH innovation centers worldwide, dedicated to the specialty chemicals industry. In line with DKSH’s commitment to quality assurance and compliance, the new facilities are fully controlled and adhere to the strictest international standards, including SHE (safety, health and environmental) compliance.

Axalta Wins Best Partner Award from FAW-Volkswagen Qingdao

Axalta Coating Systems has received the Best Partner award from FAW-Volkswagen (FAW-VW) in Qingdao. FAW-VW is a joint venture between FAW Group and Volkswagen Group which manufactures Audi and Volkswagen brand passenger cars for sale in China. FAW-VW and Axalta established a partnership in 1992. As its main coating supplier, Axalta participated in the co-construction of FAW-VW’s Qingdao paint workshop and provides AquaEC™ E-coat products, Eco-Concept coating primerless system, and two component clearcoats for their vehicles. “We are very excited to receive this prestigious award as a recognition of the partnership between FAW-VW Qingdao and Axalta,” said James Chen, Transportation Coatings Business Director, Greater China for Axalta. “At Axalta, we’re committed to product quality, innovation and sustainability that will enable our OEM customers such as FAW-VW to meet the increasing demand for beautiful, durable, and environmentally responsible vehicles. We look forward to further providing quality coating solutions and value-added services to FAW-Volkswagen Qingdao and all our customers.”

Axalta’s AquaEC water-based high-performance electrocoats are formulated to provide reliable mechanical strength and superior corrosion protection. Recognized with an Energy Saving Award at the SURCAR International Awards 2016, Axalta’s Eco-Concept paint and process technology are designed to accelerate production in the light vehicle paint line.

BASF Refinish Coatings Receives GM Global Refinish Approval

BASF Refinish Coatings received General Motors Global Refinish approval for its Glasurit and R-M paint brands. BASF hosted the GM Paint Engineering Team at its North American Coatings Headquarters in Southfield, Michigan. During the review, the Glasurit & R-M refinish systems met or exceeded all the refinish standards established by GM. Both BASF’s premium paint line, Glasurit, and BASF’s productivity line, R-M, passed dozens of tests to retain this approval, including hardness after cure, chip resistance, humidity adhesion, temperature cycle, gas resistance, chemical resistance and weather resistance. Only refinish systems approved by GM, from primer to clearcoat, can be used for GM warranty repairs.

“Using OEM-approved materials and following all OEM repair procedures is critical to ensure vehicles operate properly after the repair, maintaining safe operation,” said Jeff Wildman, manager of OEM and industry relations, BASF Automotive Refinish NA. “Our goal is to provide peace-of-mind to vehicle owners that their vehicles, refinished with BASF products, provide the same protection and durability as the original factory finish.”

Glasurit and R-M Refinish coatings – approved for all GM vehicles – comply with all global environmental rules, including U.S. National rule, U.S./Canada low-VOC rule and the Paints Directive in Europe.

“BASF’s commitment to supply high-quality products to GM is unwavering and continues to strengthen each year,” said Marvin Gillfillan, BASF Refinish Coatings vice president. “Maintaining our global coatings approvals and earning the GM Supplier of the Year Award 12 times exemplifies our commitment to General Motors.”

Cornelius Partners with Huber to Deliver Extender Products to UK

Cornelius Group, an independent European distributor of high quality and innovative raw materials and chemicals, has collaborated to deliver two extender product solutions to market in the wake of the Titanium Dioxide (TIO2) shortage.

The company has partnered with VB Technochemicals SA to offer VB White, which is suitable for the masterbatch market, and Huber Engineered Materials to provide Zeolex® 330 to the paint and coatings market.

Tony Bruce, Business Development Manager for Cornelius Industrial, said: “TIO2 has been used widely within industry as it is known to provide protection from UV light, stability and durability of colours, whiteness, opacity and brightness, as well as improving the texture of products.

“Cornelius has been working with its partners to deliver two extender products that reduce the amount of TIO2 required within a product. The extenders do not affect vinyl properties and, in fact, improve the quality and brightness of a product to a higher standard than TIO2. “In the past, the cost of these extender products has been relatively high compared to TIO2, however the current price of TIO2 means they are now comparable. We are able to deliver a solution to customers that will minimize the impact of the TIO2 shortage on their business.”

VB White, from VB Technochemicals SA, is a unique hydrophobic coated barium sulfate that is specifically designed for white and colored masterbatch, compound and composite. The cost-effective solution can support customers increase productivity whilst improving product quality.

Huber Engineered Materials’ Zeolex 330 is an amorphous sodium aluminosilicate powder for paint and coatings applications. It also acts as a gloss sheen control agent and provides high levels of opacity, whiteness and brightness as well as outstanding flatting and scrub-resistance for interior architectural formulations.

Mr. Bruce added: “These two extenders deliver outstanding results for customers. Up until now, TIO2 has been viewed by the industry as the crucial ingredient to deliver quality and performance. Working with our partners, Cornelius can now deliver viable extender solutions that tick all the boxes in terms of cost, functionality and quality and will reduce industry’s reliance on a product where serious supply shortages are expected throughout 2017.”

RPM Appoints Industrial Segment President

RPM International Inc. announced on July 25th that David P. Reif, III, formerly group president of the RPM Performance Coatings Group, has been appointed president – RPM Industrial Segment. In this role, Reif will provide strategic direction to RPM’s Industrial Segment businesses. He will report to RPM’s president and chief operating officer Ronald A. Rice. Reif began his career at KPMG Peat Marwick in 1975 and joined Stonhard, Inc. in 1986 as executive VP and CFO and a minority owner. RPM acquired Stonhard in 1993. Since that time, Reif has served as chief financial officer of RPM, president of its StonCor Group of operating companies, and in June of 2000 was appointed president and CEO of the RPM Performance Coatings Group.

Related to this appointment, RPM had previously announced that Mark A. Greaves was promoted to president of The Euclid Group. In this capacity, Greaves leads a group of specialty construction chemical businesses with globally recognized brands including Euco, Flowcrete, Vandex and Viapol.

Additionally, RPM announced the promotion of David C. Dennsteadt to group president of the RPM Performance Coatings Group, a collection of companies that are global leaders in industrial high-performance coatings and waterproofing products including Carboline, Stonhard, USL and Fibergrate.

Both Dennsteadt and Greaves will report to Reif in his capacity as president - RPM Industrial Segment.

AkzoNobel and Itaconix Finalize First Bio-based Polymer Application Agreement

AkzoNobel’s Specialty Chemicals business has finalized the first application agreement for bio-based polymers to result from its collaboration with specialty polymers company Itaconix.

Announced earlier this year, the joint development agreement involves AkzoNobel’s Performance Additives unit developing applications for Itaconix polymers to be used in the coatings and construction industries.

“We are pleased to be announcing the first in a series of agreements to develop these polymers for commercial use,” said Peter Nieuwenhuizen, RD&I Director for AkzoNobel’s Specialty Chemicals business. Nieuwenhuizen detailed the development during a presentation today at the BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology in Montreal.

“Being able to incorporate polymers made from renewable bio-based raw materials will give a significant sustainability advantage for our customers and also fits closely with our own Planet Possible sustainability agenda of doing more with less,” he said.

Under the agreement, Itaconix will contribute its proprietary polymers from itaconic acid, which are obtained from sugars through fermentation. Continued Nieuwenhuizen: “In addition to applications in coatings and construction materials, bio-based polymers have the potential to be used in a range of other everyday essentials, ranging from improving water quality to cleaning and hygiene products.”

Dr. Kevin Matthews, CEO of Itaconix, added: “This is the first commercial step in our joint development agreement to collaborate on delivering valuable solutions to AkzoNobel customers with the novel performance of our polymers. We are excited to further strengthen our relationship with AkzoNobel and look forward to combining their deep application knowledge with our unique chemistries to build key product positions in these large and important markets.”

Nieuwenhuizen also pointed out that the collaboration with Itaconix is another example of AkzoNobel’s approach to embracing open innovation to help find more sustainable solutions. The company recently announced the winners of its Imagine Chemistry open innovation challenge, which included start-ups working in fermentation and with bio-based raw materials.

DSM Appoints Helen Mets President of Resins & Functional Materials

Royal DSM announced ON July 26th that Helen Mets will join DSM as of 1 August 2017 in the role of President DSM Resins & Functional Materials.

Helen Mets is an experienced senior leader who, for the past four years, has led the Caterpillar Equipment and Mining dealerships as Senior Vice President and Member of the Executive Committee of the Dutch family company Pon. Prior to joining Pon, Helen built her career working for Avery Dennison, the global leader in pressure-sensitive adhesive materials. Within Avery, she held various leadership positions including global Vice President of Graphics & Reflective Films Division.

Helen, a British National, has a proven record of accomplishment in growing start-ups, business turnaround, and developing business in emerging countries.

As President DSM Resins & Functional Materials, Helen will succeed Patrick Niels, who is appointed to the position of President DSM Food Specialties.

Rust-Oleum Launches Wipe New Professional Product

Rust-Oleum is extending its popular consumer Wipe New product line with the pro in mind. Wipe New Professional series offers a cost effective solution to complete large restoration projects in less time with long lasting results.

Each Wipe New Professional product applies with a simple wipe-on procedure that instantly restores faded surfaces such as fiberglass, gel-coats and plastics back to their original color while protecting the surface and providing long lasting durability.

The new line includes: Wipe New Trim Restore, a nano-polymer coating that will restore the original color to a vehicle’s faded interior and exterior trim while protecting the surface from sun exposure, road salt, water spots and other harsh elements. It’s available in quarts/liters.

Wipe New Wipe-Its, for one-time use needs and smaller jobs, Rust-Oleum offers single use Wipe-Its. These microfiber cloths are pre-saturated with Wipe New and sealed in single-use foil packs for easy application.

Wipe New Fleets which minimize maintenance for fleet vehicles. Simply wipe-on for professional results and return fleets back to service in just 24 hours. The coating forms a shield of protection from dirt, grime and UV damage.

And Wipe New Pro Marine, a coating that restores faded fiberglass and gel coated surfaces back to a brand new condition. It eliminates the need to wax, polish or buff and protects against UV damage, heavy metals and pollutants in the water.

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