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Inks industry is split between various processes which are different because of the image transfer method and by the type of image carrier employed. The image can be transferred to the substrate either by direct printing where the image is transferred directly from the image carrier to the substrate or by indirect printing where the image is first transferred to a cylinder ant then to substrate. Different inks processes: Flexographic inks, Lithographic printing Letterpress, Gravure printing, Screen printing, Digital inks.

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Jun 11, 2008 | Article

UV-Inkjet OLEDs - A New Technology

By IDTechEx Magazine

Polymertronics was set up in 2006 to develop technology to produce inkjet-printable, ultra-violet (UV) curable organic light-emitting diode (OLED) fluids. OLEDs that can be printed on standard...

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Dec 12, 2007 | Article

'Smart' Inks and Coatings: An Alternative to Traditional Printing Methods

By PCI Magazine

Over the past few decades, the printing industry has undergone a number of developments to existing techniques such as ink-jet and laser printing. Developments have focused on improvements to...

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May 3, 2006 | Article

Ipex: a world tour of the printing industry

Every four years, Ipex draws together the world's printing industry at Birmingham's NEC. Like Germany's Drupa, it is a huge exhibition which showcases the entire spectrum of printing technology...

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Jan 2, 2006 | Article

All wrapped up: ink and print for packaging

The market for printing inks is naturally dominated by various forms of publications, but packaging inks also make up a substantial part of the market. The European industry association CEPE...

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Jul 1, 2004 | Article

From Engraving to Printing - How Gravure Printing Works

This article will provide a simple training course to explain the gravure printing process. Gravure printing is mostly used for printing magazines, packaging and wallpapers. The specific qualities...

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May 7, 2008 | Article

Growth of UV/EB Inks Throughout Europe

By Ink World Magazine

Energy-curing inks are continuing to grow strongly in Europe, even though the graphics market as a whole is slowing down. The big challenge now facing the energy-curing sector is how to maintain the...

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Aug 8, 2007 | Article

Accept no (l)imitations: the evolving technologies of security printing

One of the unfortunate consequences of the digital revolution has been the greater ease with which all kinds of printed matter and manufactured goods can be counterfeited, and the greater speed with...

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Mar 15, 2006 | Article

“Smart” Uses of Inkjet Printing

In the early 1980's I had the privilege to visit the leading inkjet printing companies in Japan and the USA. These were the early days when dyes were still being developed for the newly commercial...

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Apr 20, 2005 | Article

Technology review: Digital print and inks

As with many terms, 'digital printing' means different things depending on who you talk to. For the purposes of this paper, I will use the terms conventional printing for processes which produce...

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Apr 5, 2004 | Article

Overview Inkjet Formulations and Limitations in the Graphic Arts Industry

Before we start looking at UV inkjet applications it is interesting to spend a short moment overviewing the other technology used beside UV inkjet inks as well as some of the limitations they...

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