Chemours™ Ti-Pure™ Titanium dioxide is a white pigment that efficiently scatters visible light, thereby imparting whiteness, brightness and opacity. As a key ingredient in paint and coating formulations, Ti-Pure™ pigments contribute to excellent durability for industrial and exterior architectural applications and excellent hiding power for interior architectural applications.

Ti-Pure™ provides durability and hiding power to special purpose coatings

Ti-Pure™ is a range of quality titanium dioxide pigments used to formulate high quality special purpose coatings for aerospace and marine applications including rail cars, shipping vessels, cruise ships, pleasure boats or airplanes. Like its use in coatings in the automotive industry, Ti-Pure™ titanium dioxide is used in various paints and coatings for these vehicles as well as many higher value plastic materials.

Aerospace Marine
Non durable for Plastics Can/Packaging


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Super-durable TiO2 Offers Excellent Gloss and Tint Retention for Exterior Applications

Chemours™ TS-6200 is a super-durable pigment that has been specifically designed for the most demanding exterior coatings applications.



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