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Rhodoline® high performance dispersants have been designed for the fomulation of water-based colorants used in Architectural, Industrial & Ink applications. These additives help producers to develop more sustainable products (removal of Glycols and other VOCs) with a high level of performance.

Optimize Carbon Black dispersion using Rhodoline® dispersants

The Rhodoline® 3000 series of high-performance dispersants enable an excellent dispersion of carbon black pigments. They have been evaluated against competitive market products and have shown superior performance.

Rhodoline® 3100 and Rhodoline® 3500 were used to formulate water-based colorants that were tested in:
  • Architectural flat and semi-gloss paint
  • Industrial acrylic gloss white base and a DTM acrylic clear base paint

>> Access the evaluation results of Rhodoline® 3100 in Architectural flat and semi-gloss paints

>> See the evaluation results of Rhodoline® 3500 in Industrial acrylic gloss and DTM acrylic paints

In a nutshell, colorants formulated using Rhodoline® 3000 products for Architectural and Industrial applications, can bring:
Sample request
Possible savings

The following Carbon Black pigments have been evaluated :

Carbon Black pigments evaluated
Table 1: Carbon Black pigments evaluated

Let's share with you some evaluation results which demonstrate the high-performance level achieved using Rhodoline® dispersants:

Tint Strength Development Particle Size Gloss development
Tint strength development Particle size Gloss development
Improved efficiency: less grinding time
Graphs 1, 2 and 3: Tinting strength development, particle size and gloss development
Rhodoline® 3500 vs. Benchmark

Evaluation results in Industrial Acrylic gloss paints
Table 2: Evaluation results in Industrial Acrylic gloss paints
Rhodoline® 3500 vs. Benchmark

And that's it about the results of carbon black dispersion!? Absolutely Not!

You can access additional details (dispersant demand curves, pigment concentrate viscosity graphs, ...) and all the results of these evaluations (in Architectural and Industrial applications) by reading the following document:
Download PDF
Optimized Carbon Black dispersion
thanks to Rhodoline®

In addition, you will learn, thanks to this 2nd document, that Rhodoline® 3000 products are effective not only for carbon black dispersion but also for other organic pigments such as PR 254 DPP Red :
Download PDF
Excellent organic red pigments

And to access information and data on the results with various organic pigments, click here:
Download PDF
Excellent dispersion of organic


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