Biocides are usually added to paint formulations to maintain the product’s integrity and inhibit the growth of germs and bacteria on a variety of surfaces.

Lonza biocides help to preserve products in the can as well as after application. Lonza offers two complementary ranges of products to address the challenges faced by formulators: Omadine® and Proxel®.

Lonza building products preservatives

Microbial contamination of coatings, whether in can or on the coating film, can cause spoilage and defacement. Microbes require water and nutrients, and a typical coating or emulsion can provide all that is needed for bacteria and fungi to thrive. Microbial contamination is a serious issue and can cause deterioration of the paint properties as well as reduced product performance. This is specifically the case for Coatings and Industrial products such as:
Tick Exterior aqueous paints
Tick Interior paints in kitchen and baths
Tick Wallboards & joint compound
Tick Construction chemicals
There is a solution: the use of antimicrobials which can protect the coating from microbial contamination.

To prevent coatings from degradation and preserve their appearance and properties, Lonza provides innovative solutions:
- For dry-film protection Arrow Omadine™ antimicrobials product range designed to address exterior-coating challenges faced by formulators, particularly in humid environments.
Find out about the advantages and benefits offered by Omadine™ antimicrobials, browse our ‘Optimized dry-film preservation’ section.
- For in-can protection Arrow The Proxel™ preservatives product range offers a complete preservation package for industrial water-based products. Portfolio offers a full line of MIT-free preservatives (MIT = 2-methylisothiazol-3(2H)-one (ISO)) to address the evolving regulatory landscape.
Read more about the benefits provided by Proxel™ preservatives to formulators, browse our ‘Effective in-can / wet-state preservation’ section.
To have a complete overview of Lonza solutions for building products applications and to select the right solutions depending on your needs (for dry-film preservation and in-can preservation), access the building products preservative selection guide.


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