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Polymeric Dispersing Agents for organic pigments and carbon blacks in waterborne pigment preparations carbon blacks in waterborne pigment preparations. Highly effective and low foaming dispersing...

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PRIMIS® AF 1000 is WACKER’s flagship binder for the production of exterior architectural paints that offer superior performance. With an inorganic core in an aqueous polymer dispersion based on...


Packaging systems are often consisting of different layers of inks directly printed on plastic films or based on laminated films printed in a reverse mode. KETJENFLEX® MH and MS80 are coresins with...


Depending from the concentration, clear solutions of VOELPKER® 6211 in hot organic solvents crystallize to form very finely divided liquid dispersions, gels or pastes when the heated solution is...


This booklet is your guide to the use of Ti-Pure™ titanium dioxide (TiO2) in coatings. It describes the properties and functions of TiO2 pigments in a manner useful as an introductory guide for...

Mar 31, 2016 | Article

New Universal Selectors: Interview with C. Cabarry (SpecialChem Founder & CEO)

By SpecialChem

SpecialChem launched brand-new & exciting features on SpecialChem websites. We caught up with Christophe Cabarry, SpecialChem founder & CEO. He agreed to tell us more...

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Acid cured amino resins are typically used in wood coatings for indoor use such a floors. In being essentially a 2 component system, KETJENFLEX® CP forms the hardener component accelerating the...

Feb 16, 2016 | Article

Determine the Surface Energy of a Substrate in 5 min

By Richard Kaiser

This test is designed to quickly and inexpensively determine the wetting properties of a substrate. It is not designed to overcome all complications in substrate wetting but rather allow the...

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Ti-Pure™ Select TS-6200 Titanium Dioxide is specifically designed for applications demanding high initial haze-free gloss and a high degree of gloss and tint retention over the life of the coating...

Feb 10, 2016 | Article

Coating Adhesion & Additives Used in Formulation

By Jochum Beetsma

Adhesion is the single most important property of both decorative & protective coatings. Among factors to take into account, additives used in coating formulations can either have a positive or...

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