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Thomas Bezigian

Wednesday Jun 29, 2016

By Thomas Bezigian

Achieve better barrier performance with novel co-extruded & laminated film designs... Thomas Bezigian will guide you on the design logic starting from key requirements to material selection and...

Chris DeArmitt
6 Days left to register

Tuesday Jul 5, 2016

By Chris DeArmitt

Better select the right dispersant/coupling agent type and amount quickly & cheaply for your filled plastics and meet the required performance (yield strength, gloss, processability) faster. All...

Ana Espert
13 Days left to register

Tuesday Jul 12, 2016

By Ana Espert

Reach your desired foamed plastic performance by translating end-use requirements into foam characteristics. Ana Espert will explain how to meet your needs: additives / resins to use & processing...

Terence Kenneth
64 Days left to register

Thursday Sep 1, 2016

By Terence Kenneth

Equal SB ink performance (adhesion, drying speed…) with your WB film inks by reviewing latest strategies implemented in recently commercialized inks (food packaging, labels…). Let Terence Kenneth...

Julian Hewitt
70 Days left to register

Wednesday Sep 7, 2016

By Julian Hewitt

Meet faster your high SPF & UVA targets. Julian Hewitt will share his unique expertise to help you select the right active(s), maximize their efficacy and ensure the photostability of the...

Don Rosato
1 Days left to register

Thursday Jun 30, 2016

By Don Rosato

Fine-tune & enrich your R&D strategy with a review of current landscape & latest High Heat Polymers advances enabling higher continuous & peak temperatures, better chemical resistance, dimensional...

Edward Petrie
7 Days left to register

Wednesday Jul 6, 2016

By Edward Petrie

Improve the drying characteristics of your waterbased adhesives and sealants by reviewing formulation parameters that have the greatest affect on drying and application properties...

Jeffrey A. Jansen
63 Days left to register

Wednesday Aug 31, 2016

By Jeffrey A. Jansen

Guide efficiently your product developments by better interpreting Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) data & extracting valuable information for identification, contamination &...

Jochum  Beetsma
69 Days left to register

Tuesday Sep 6, 2016

By Jochum Beetsma

Fix faster all your daily pigment dispersion & stabilization issues by enriching your theoretical knowledge with practical methods for real-life situations.  Key points & pragmatic procedures at...

Hartwig Lohse
71 Days left to register

Thursday Sep 8, 2016

By Hartwig Lohse

Get advanced knowledge on how to combine raw materials used in the formulation of epoxy-based structural adhesives and optimize durability, toughness and thermal-oxidative resistance. Our speaker...

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