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Neil Cunningham
3 Days left to register

Thursday Jan 19, 2017

By Neil Cunningham

Get tangible data and directions from rheology by knowing how to translate pourability, sag resistance… into rheology targets (complex modulus, yield stress, shear rate...). Join & learn how...

Thomas Bezigian
15 Days left to register

Tuesday Jan 31, 2017

By Thomas Bezigian

Quickly overcome any film & sheet coextrusion issues (melt fracture, interfacial instability, incomplete flow…) that arise in your day-to-day by learning about the hands-on secrets that no one...

Neil Cunningham
17 Days left to register

Thursday Feb 2, 2017

By Neil Cunningham

Review test methods and equipment to better support your developments. Popular testing techniques, their pros & cons as well as practical considerations for implementation will be discussed...

Jochum  Beetsma
23 Days left to register

Wednesday Feb 8, 2017

By Jochum Beetsma

Solve faster your coatings and inks adhesion issues by reviewing origin of adhesive failure and compatible solutions (pre-treatment, additives...) for waterborne, solvent-based, high-solids, and...

Paul Daniels
36 Days left to register

Tuesday Feb 21, 2017

By Paul Daniels

Adopt a structured approach to screen phthalate alternatives among the wide plasticizer offering (benzoates, adipates, citrates…) and find faster the one that is compatible with your PVC and end use...

Chris DeArmitt
8 Days left to register

Tuesday Jan 24, 2017

By Chris DeArmitt

Save time finding the cheapest solution that fulfills all your requirements by structuring your knowledge on fillers and how they influence thermoplastics performance. The implementation of these...

Eric Abrutyn
16 Days left to register

Wednesday Feb 1, 2017

By Eric Abrutyn

Rapidly discard formulations with stability issues by better organizing and combining your tests and by reviewing the impact of external factors (light, temperature, packaging...) on end-product...

T Richard Hull
22 Days left to register

Tuesday Feb 7, 2017

By T Richard Hull

Better select halogen-free flame retardants by not only meeting the flammability specifications, but also meeting all of the other physical, mechanical, electrical requirements etc. without...

Dr Philip Jacoby
29 Days left to register

Tuesday Feb 14, 2017

By Dr Philip Jacoby

Better select and use nucleating agents/clarifiers (phosphate esters, sorbitols, metal salts, fillers such as talc...) for your Polypropylene in order to improve the stiffness-impact strength...

Dr. Barbara Olioso
37 Days left to register

Wednesday Feb 22, 2017

By Dr. Barbara Olioso

Be armed with relevant and easy-to-digest information and strategies to get your new natural and organic formulations COSMOS-certified by understanding key aspects of the new, stringent and complex...

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