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Jan 27, 2017 | Article

The Bright Future of Smart Coatings

By Sreeparna Das

‘Smart’ is the new buzz word in the coatings industry. While the research world has been active in this field for quite some time now, the industry is also increasingly getting attracted to new...

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This brochure details the fundamental properties of Carbon Black (particle size, porosity, surface chemistry, etc.) and how they determine the carbon black’s application performance. In addition...

Nov 25, 2016 | Article

ISO 13485 Regulation Update for Medical Devices: How does it impact you?

By Eamonn Hoxey

ISO 13485, Medical devices — Quality management systems — Requirements for regulatory purposes, is a key standard for organizations that need to meet regulatory requirements applicable to the supply...

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Wherever hard water is a concern, wetting agents or water softeners are used to reduce the adverse effects between the electrolytes of the water and the paint components. To understand the...

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High heat protection is a property required in many industries like aerospace, industrial, oil & gas or marine. The challenge is not only to provide a sufficient level of heat protection, but also...


Supreme™ premium kaolin from Imerys gives multiple benefits when used in decorative matt wall paints, functioning both as an opacifying extender and also as a rheology modifier...

Dec 13, 2016 | Article

Paints and Coatings Industry Trends in 2016

By Mark Drukenbrod

As mentioned by Frost & Sullivan in its latest report “2016 Top Technologies in Chemicals and Advanced Materials”, following areas remained dominant in field of research: Novel...

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A novel WACKER dispersion for exterior paints combines the unique properties of organic and mineral components. The high pigment stability of PRIMIS® AF 1000 makes for richly colored facades that...


Wetting agents are added to waterborne coatings to increase the wetting of the substrate, to improve the compatibility with pigments and other components, as well as, to reduce rub-out effects. At...

Oct 19, 2016 | Article

Experimental Design for Formulators

By Edward Petrie

Everyone is trying to operate faster and more efficiently these days. The design of experiments (DOE) approach to optimizing formulations is a powerful tool for formulators to find an ideal...

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