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PU Coatings
Polyurethane can be used as one component system (1K formulation), where a high molecular weight PU is mixed with isocyanate that cures with moisture, though it can be used with non-isocyanate formulations as well. PU coatings are also widely used through two components systems (2K formulation) where a polyisocyanate reacts with a polyol or a polyamine. PU coatings bring color retention, better surface finish (high gloss), increased scratch and abrasion resistance as well as moisture resistance. They are applied on many different substrates in very diverse markets like automotive, aerospace, furniture, flooring, and textiles. Strong drivers for their use include low to zero VOC emissions and the potential use of renewable sources like bio-based polyols.

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Case Study

UBE Eternacoll® Polycarbonate Polyol is the ideal raw material for formulation of Polyurethane-based exterior pipe coatings. Why? Because it helps to provide an improved durability to PU thanks...

Case Study

As a formulator of Polyurethane Coatings for Leather applications, you are sick of trying to formulate Polyurethane coatings that are flexible enough to avoid cracks, without significantly reducing...
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