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Unlike architectural, industrial coatings are not defined by their aesthetic properties but by their protective ones. Industrial protective coatings are mainly long-lasting coating solutions which allow longer use of industrial facilities or other industrial applications exposed to extreme environmental conditions. Polyurethane, polyester, epoxy and fluoropolymers are the main resins used in industrial coatings.

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Get high heat resistance with the best-in class NMP-free Polyimide Varnish: up to 550°C at 5% weight loss properties! A new NMP-free Polyimide Varnish coating material has been developed enabling...

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A SpecialChem Client is seeking a biodegradable lubricant which inhibits corrosion, displaces moisture, while maintaining lubricant performance. The solution will be packaged in portable containers...

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Case Study

Are long lasting, high-performance coatings critical to your business? While minimizing maintenance work and end-user cost, they also ease the workload by providing application flexibility. To meet...

Selection Guide

Solvents Selection for Industrial Coatings

By François Magnin

Select the right solvent for your industrial coating formulations from a range provided by the coatings market. The matrices in this selection guide provide a primary evaluation of the different solvent families and some specific solvents within them. This guide also briefs about the main families used in coating formulations: Hydrocarbons, Ketones, Esters, Alcohols and Glycol Ethers.

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How to Faster Replace your Solvent (Hansen Parameters)

Quickly come to few suitable solvent alternatives by seeing how to use Hansen parameters in practice...

Solvent Replacement Hansen Solubility Parameters


Hiding power is the ability of paint to obscure a background of contrasting color. Paints which do not contain good hiding power will allow an observer to be able to see color and images on the...
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