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Achieve higher hiding with Ti-Pure® One Coat™, an innovative system solution for architectural paint

This is a Past Webinar

Set a new standard in high hiding paint. According to research, the number one market need in architectural paints is high quality coverage with fewer coats and less work. Ti-Pure® One Coat™ is the systems solution that combines market insight, innovative Ti-Pure® products and formulation expertise to expand the limits of hiding power. Trial studies with professional painters around the world validated the superior performance and preference for these enhanced hiding power paints.

One Coat Conquers All

Pablo Aragon Presented By:
Pablo Aragon
Susan Mejia
Robert A. Kwoka

Length: 60 min

Why should you view this webinar?

During this webinar, our speakers will present the innovative Ti-Pure® One Coat™ systems solution for architectural paints, and give a case study of its success with professional painters. They will introduce Ti-Pure® Select TS-6300: the enabler of Ti-Pure® One Coat™. TS-6300 contributes to brighter, durable, higher-hiding paints for flat and low sheen architectural coatings. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how higher hiding than previously possible can be achieved with our latest Ti-Pure® innovation.
You will have the opportunity to interact with our speakers, and ask specific questions about this unique technology.

Who should view this webinar?

  • Formulators and chemists
  • R&D leaders
  • Marketing and management leaders

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Pablo Aragon Technical Marketing Manager for Latin America - Dupont

Pablo Aragon Pablo has a bachelor degree on Chemical Engineering, an MBA and a PhD in Engineering. He has 14 years of experience with the DuPont Titanium Technologies business in different positions, including supply chain, market intelligence, technical service, sales and R&D at the Altamira manufacturing facility. His current role is Technical Marketing Manager for Latin America region.

Susan Mejia DTT Global Market Segment Manager - Coatings - Dupont

Susan Mejia Susan began her career with DuPont in 1987 in the field engineering program. Over her career, she has held positions in operations, product development, market development, quality control, technical service and Six Sigma. Prior to joining Titanium Technologies, Susan worked in several businesses within DuPont, including Customer Service, Electronic Ceramics and Aerospace Composites. An honors graduate of Rutgers University with a degree in ceramic engineering.

Robert A. Kwoka Senior Market Consultant -

Robert A. Kwoka Robert A. Kwoka is a Sr. Market Consultant for DuPont Titanium Technologies. Bob is responsible for understanding the needs of the global coatings market and guiding development of titanium dioxide products and application knowledge to better meet these needs. Prior to his work with the coatings industry, Bob worked in technical marketing for the paper industry becoming an industry expert in the use of titanium dioxide in paper coatings.
Bob has presented several papers on the effective use of titanium dioxide in coatings including “TiO2 Scattering Optimization and Not-In-Kind Opacity Alternatives”. He is also the author of the “Titanium Dioxide” chapter in 1997 edition of Pigments for Paper published by TAPPI.
Bob graduated from Drexel University in 1981 with a BS in Chemical Engineering.


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