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New High Performance Dispersants for VOC-free water-based color Pigment Dispersions

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This is a Past Webinar

Are you formulating water-based pigment dispersions? And looking to develop more sustainable products to answer regulatory and market requirements while keeping high-performance level?
During this presentation made at Abrafati (October 2015) and at WCS (November 2015), Solvay introduced the Rhodoline® series, high performance dispersants enabling the development of environmentally-friendly water-based pigment dispersions.
Access the Webinar presentation and recording to learn more about the advantages of Rhodoline® dispersants!

Ayaz A. Khan Presented By:
Ayaz A. Khan

Length: 30 min

Why should you view this webinar?

In this presentation, Solvay's expert shares application data showing the excellent dispersion of carbon black pigments and organic pigments thanks to Rhodoline® dispersants and the related benefits.

What will you learn during this Webinar?

  • The advantages of using Rhodoline® dispersants for the dispersion of carbon black pigments:
  • Excellent pigment dispersion and stability
  • Better efficiency - reduced use levels

  • The advantages for the dispersion of organic pigments:
  • Excellent pigment dispersion and stability
  • Better efficiency - reduced use levels
  • Excellent color properties - tint and masstone

Who should view this webinar?

Company activities

  • Pigment concentrates / Colorants producers
  • Paints & Coatings producers

  • Architectural/Decorative
  • Industrial

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Ayaz A. Khan Technical Service Marketing Manager - Solvay

Ayaz A. Khan Ayaz is the Technical Service Marketing Manager for Novecare Coatings at Solvay in Bristol, PA. He has been involved in Research, Development, Marketing and Technical Service functions in the Coatings Industry for over 30 years.
Ayaz received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Chemistry from the University of Guyana, South America in July 1984 and a Diploma in Coatings Technology from the George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology,Toronto, Canada, in May 1991. Ayaz has been awarded three US Patents. He is currently a member of the Philadelphia Society for Coatings Technology and ASTM International.


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