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Rheotech™: New generation of associative acrylic thickeners with improved features for waterborne coating systems

This is a Past Webinar
Finding the right rheology modifiers is one of the most important step when formulating water-based coatings for decorative, architectural or wood applications.

To bring formulators the best solutions, Coatex has designed a new highly performing acrylic thickener product range: Rheotech™, which improves formulation preparation, application properties and storage.

Compared to conventional polyurethane or cellulosic thickeners, Rheotech™ easy to use associative acrylic thickeners ensure:
  • Simplify the number of thickeners available of the shelf
  • Reduction of thickener loading
  • Better stability
  • Appreciable level of application comfort
  • Improved leveling
  • Color acceptance

In this presentation, COATEX coatings additives R&D manager, Dr Denis Ruhlmann, will help you choose the right rheology tools and thus solve your specific issues when formulating waterborne architectural and wood coatings.

Presented By:
Denis Ruhlmann

Length: 90 min

Why should you view this webinar?

  • Add more value to your waterborne coatings thanks to Rheotech™ versatile rheology modifiers
  • Get information on how to fine tune rheology of your decorative paints thanks to Rheotech™ associative acrylic thickeners
  • Learn how to benefit from COATEX versatile rheology modifiers' superior performance in your waterborne decorative coatings formulations

Who should view this webinar?

  • Formulators of waterborne coatings for architectural and wood applications
  • Resin producers

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Denis Ruhlmann Department Manager – Coatings Additives - Coatex

Dr. Denis RUHLMANN is in charge of the Coatings additives department at COATEX. He has been responsible for the development of rheology additives encompassing dispersants and thickeners for water-based formulations for more than 15 years.
Dr. Denis RUHLMANN has a PhD in the field of photochemistry and polymers, is author or co-author of more than 30 papers and of about 10 patents. He gives conferences on a regular basis at various professional Paints and Coatings events (ECS, ACS, OCCA, FSCT, Eurocoat, Fatipec, Formula III, AFTPVA...). He also gives lectures about applied rheology for vocational training at the AFPEV (French Association for Paints and Varnishes) and lectures for students at schools and universities.

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