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Possibilities offered by a unique hydrophobic dispersant

Coatex Arkema
This is a Past Webinar

Is formulating low to zero VOC coatings while keeping a high level of performance in your focus today? We may have a solution for you!

Coatex has designed COADIS™ 123K, an hydrophobic dispersant, to address the regulation challenges concerning the formulation of low to zero VOC coatings. COADIS™ 123K helps to improve water resistance and thus other coating properties.

To learn more about this technology and its attractive features, access the video recording of the presentation made by Coatex at ECS 2015 (Nuremberg - April 2015)!

Presented By:
Denis Ruhlmann

Length: 20 min

Why should you view this webinar?

Coatex's technical expert presents several case studies related to the effective use of COADIS™ 123K hydrophobic dispersant in various applications (interior wall paint, exterior wall paint, exterior primer and high gloss alkyd emulsion paints).

COADIS™ 123K hydrophobic dispersant can improve several coating properties (water resistance, scrub resistance, early rain resistance, higher tint strength, etc.) for a wide range of formulations from satin to semi-gloss, gloss and even in pigment paste.

What will you learn during this Webinar?

  • The specificities of COADIS™ 123K hydrophobic dispersant and the related mechanisms
  • The performance level that COADIS™ 123K can bring to waterborne formulations
  • The applications that can benefit from this unique hydrophobic dispersant

Who should view this webinar?

Company activities

  • Paints & Coatings producers


  • Waterborne wall coatings (Interior & Exterior)
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Denis Ruhlmann Department Manager – Coatings Additives - Coatex

Dr. Denis RUHLMANN is in charge of the Coatings additives department at COATEX. He has been responsible for the development of rheology additives encompassing dispersants and thickeners for water-based formulations for more than 15 years.
Dr. Denis RUHLMANN has a PhD in the field of photochemistry and polymers, is author or co-author of more than 30 papers and of about 10 patents. He gives conferences on a regular basis at various professional Paints and Coatings events (ECS, ACS, OCCA, FSCT, Eurocoat, Fatipec, Formula III, AFTPVA...). He also gives lectures about applied rheology for vocational training at the AFPEV (French Association for Paints and Varnishes) and lectures for students at schools and universities.

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