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Fine-tune Rheology of your Decorative Paints with Coatex Rheology modifiers! Benefit from a broad and innovative portfolio

This is a Past Webinar
As an architectural coating formulator, you may dream of a modifiers portfolio wide enough to allow you to tailor the rheology of your decorative paints.
COATEX built it for you!
In this presentation, COATEX experts present the variety of environmentally-friendly rheology modifiers available at COATEX, dedicated to the architectural and wood coatings industry!
Presented By:
Medhi Bouzid
William (Bill) Rosenthal

Length: 90 min

Why should you view this webinar?

  • Get information on how to fine-tune rheology of your decorative paints thanks to COATEX rheology modifiers.
  • Learn how to benefit from COATEX versatile rheology modifiers' superior performance in your waterborne decorative coatings formulations.
  • Experts from COATEX will provide you tailored formulation guidance and help you choose the right rheology tools for your waterborne architectural and wood coatings formulations. The performances will be illustrated on formulations representative for the American market.

Who should view this webinar?

  • Formulators of waterborne coatings for architectural and wood applications
  • Resin producers

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Medhi Bouzid Application Laboratory Manager - Coatex

Mehdi Bouzid has a degree in Chemistry, he joined COATEX France in 1998 to work on polyacrylate dispersing agents used in the Water treatment, Ceramic industries and other Industrial Specialties. In 2008, he was promoted as COATEX Application Laboratory Manager in Chester, SC. With his team, he is now in charge of all the Technical Support to the Paint and Coatings industry for the Americas as well as the Construction, Paper and Minerals Processing areas. 
His mission is the management of projects interfacing with Customers and Research & Development labs.

William (Bill) Rosenthal Coatings Market Manager - Coatex

William (Bill) Rosenthal joined the sales force of COATEX Inc as Coatings Market Manager in 2008.
Bill has 44 years of experience in the Coatings Industry. Prior to joining COATEX, Bill has held positions as Vice President of Technology for Duron Inc., Sherwin-Williams, Business Manager for Lilly Industries, Vice President - Technology and Quality Assurance for The O'Brien Corporation and management positions for PPG Industries.

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