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In this section dedicated to Technical Assistance, you can find industry know-how to help you go ahead with your developments... So, with video tutorials, stop starting again from scratch when the knowledge is already available somewhere… Simply watch, learn & use!

By the way, all can create tutorials. Contact us to share what you’re best at with the community.

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How to Show Improved Wetting of Lubricants during Polymer Processing

Discover a fast screening test to select an improved lubricant package for your polymer processing...

Wetting Lubricants Polymer Processing Wettability Testing

How to Select the Proper Curing Agent for Epoxy Systems

Select the best curing agent for your epoxy polymer & reach new applications for your high temperature composite!...

Curing agent selection epoxy high temperature composite

Plasticized PVC: How to Troubleshoot Adhesive Failures

Troubleshoot efficiently all your adhesive failures on your PVC products...

Plasticized PVC Flexible Vinyl Adhesion Failure Troubleshooting

High Temperature Composites: How to Well Select Sizing Agents

Select the best sizing agent for your high temperature polymers & improve the overall properties of your composites...

Sizing Agent Selection High Temperature Composite

How to Well Disperse CNTs

Maximize Carbon Nanotubes' effect with adequate CNT functionalization and processing...

CNT Carbon Nanotubes Dispersion Polymer Matrix plastic strength

PP/PE Nanocomposites: How to Well Disperse Nano Fillers

Exclusive! Learn latest formulation & processing know-how to well disperse nano fillers in PP & PE...

Nano fillers dispersion nanocomposites compatibilizing agents

Surface Treatment: How to Replace Chromic Acid

Discover a safer & cheaper alternative to chromic acid surface treatment (chrome etching) and get practical guidance to switch...

Surface Treatment Wettability without Chromic Acid Plasma Coating

How to Reduce Flame Retardants Loading

Improve fire resistance with lower flame retardants loading in your plastics...

Fire Resistance Use Less Flame Retardants with Intumescent FRs

Flexible PVC: How to Avoid Unwanted Color Development

Avoid unwanted color development in your flexible PVC by knowing the 8 main causes of color issues. When you know the cause, you almost have the solution!...

Flexible PVC color development troubleshooting

How to Reduce PP Cycle Time (+ Avoid Shrinkage & Warpage)

Reduce the overall cycle time of polypropylene & avoid warpage and shrinkage...

PP Polypropylene Cycle Time Reduction Nucleating Agent Warpage Shrinkage

Polymer Matrix Selection for Very High Temperature Composites

Select the best matrix polymer for your composites & achieve very high temperature resistance...

Matrix Polymer Selection High Temperature Composite

High Temperature Plastics: How to Well Control Melt Temperature

Effectively monitor melt temperature of your high temperature plastics (PA, PPA, PPS, PEK...) for improved quality product...

High Temperature Plastics Control Melt Temperature Polymer

Injection Molding / Extrusion: How to Avoid Plastic Quality Crashes

Avoid plastics product quality clashes with a careful check of your incoming resins...

Injection Molding Extrusion Plastic Quality Crashes

Fire Test: How to Succeed When Going Into New Applications

Successfully enter into E&E, building, automotive, mass transport... with your flame-retarded plastics...

Fire Test Flame Retardants FR electronic mass transport building wires cables

Rigid PVC Molding Defects: How to Solve Splay, Blush, and Peel

Troubleshoot faster with reliable defects identification & a logical solving approach...

Rigid pvc troubleshooting molding defects splay blush peel

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