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Dispersant: How to Quickly Find the One You Need?

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Who Should Watch this Video Tutorial:

This practical coating tutorial is suited for you if you go through trial & error to select your dispersants and/ or if you face flocculation issues.

You may also benefit if you struggle at achieving the desired hardness, resistance to water and solvents or adhesion... This may come from an overuse of dispersants!

How You Will Benefit:

By watching this coating tutorial in full you will learn how to step away from trial & error when you select your dispersant or try to solve flocculation issues. 

You’ll go faster with all your future pigments & fillers dispersion cases. You’ll save on troubleshooting. You’ll avoid overuse of additives (hence lower formulation costs)… And this will be true till the end of your career!

Author : Jochum Beetsma

Jochum Beetsma graduated in physical chemistry from the University of Groningen in The Netherlands. He worked at PPG on the development of Industrial Coatings and at DSM Coating Resins on Alkyd Emulsions, Powder Coatings, High Solids, Additives and complete formulations.

Since 2004 Jochum is an independent consultant for companies in coating and ink industry. Multinationals as well as small companies call in the help of Jochum when problems have to be solved or when assistance is needed in New Product Development.

Jochum develops and conducts in-company training programs and he is lecturer within the Dutch Coating Technology training program. Additionally, Jochum is a lecturer of Paint Technology courses for SpecialChem and he is a member of the SpecialChem Expert Team. Jochum writes technical articles for, amongst others, UL Prospector.

Jochum is specialized in the field of New Product Development. He is certified as NPDP (New Product Development Professional) by PDMA, the global leading organization on product development and innovation.

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