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Hiding power is the ability of paint to obscure a background of contrasting color. Paints which do not contain good hiding power will allow an observer to be able to see color and images on the...


In this white paper, Chemours™ explains what are the three steps of dispersion process and how to master pigment dispersion during these three steps...

Case Study

Chemours™ TS-6200 is a super-durable pigment that has been specifically designed for the most demanding exterior coatings applications...

Apr 27, 2011 | Article

White Biotechnology Strategies: Does Danisco's Takeover Open a Rush on Biotech Stocks by DuPont Competitors?

By Jean-Pierre Molitor

The recent announcement of DUPONT to acquire all outstanding stocks of the Danish company Danisco for a total transaction value of 6.3 billion $ ( including debts) might have surprised many...

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This white paper will allow you to optimize your TiO2 use to achieve opacity with the best grade at the right amount...


In this presentation Dupont reviews how to optimize TiO2 effectiveness and/or turning to not-in-kind alternative options for opacity. With TiO2 in short supply, many coatings manufacturers are...
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