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Liquid Oxygen Scavenger (DPNG) for Reducing the Effect of Oxygen Inhibition during UV Curing Applications

Case Study | Supplied by Kuraray

The newly developed additive DPNG shows extremely high oxygen scavenging capabilities for acrylate monomers and oligomers in UV curing applications. The powerful oxygen scavenging property of DPNG has substantial benefits in coating application where rapid curing is highly desirable.

The use of DPNG, as an additive, eliminates the need for a catalyst for rapid curing. The outstanding properties of DPNG offer several benefits for UV curing applications such as:

  • Rapid UV curing
  • DPNG, a colorless liquid helps in the proper mixing
  • Extreme affinity for oxygen suppressing oxygen inhibition altogether.
  • Excellent thin layer curing without increasing concentration of initiator

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