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Struggling to formulate high-performance metal coil coatings with a high level of jetness while maintaining an appropriate viscosity for processing and application? Raven® 1185 Ultra® Carbon Black...

Jun 16, 2017 | Article

How to Optimize the Use of TiO2?

By Jochum Beetsma

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is the most suited white pigment, to give a coating - whiteness and hiding power. This is because, it does not absorb visible light and it has a high refractive index...

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Raven® 5000 Ultra® II carbon black for solventborne high color coatings exhibits the finest particle size in the world. It provides the industry leading level of jetness which is the property most...


Raven® 1185 Ultra is a surface modified carbon black for coatings and premium quality inks featuring high jetness and easy dispersion. This product is recommended for food­contact and skin­contact...


Birla Carbon offers a complete range of carbon blacks specifically designed for use in paints and coatings. Discover a selection of products for medium color coatings and providing easy dispersion...

Jun 29, 2017 | Article

High-performance Pigments for Coatings - Recent Developments

By SpecialChem

High-performance pigments (HPPs) have become increasingly important in recent years. The segment exhibits a high growth rate as compared to more classical types of pigments. The high-performance...

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May 11, 2017 | Article

Discovering a New World of Smart Inks & Coatings

By Terence Kenneth

Smart inks and coatings are another layer of sophistication in the evolving field of ink and coatings development. A useful methodology for creating such inks is to think how an existing product...

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Raven® 5000 Ultra® II carbon black pigment provides deep color and high level of jetness for waterborne high-end coatings applications in the Automotive, Industrial and Architectural industries...


Raven® Carbon Blacks is a complete range of carbon black pigments specifically designed for use in paints and coatings. Find out more about Raven® Carbon Blacks for general purpose tinting. Raven®...


PoleStar™ calcined kaolin aluminium silicate extenders from Imerys allow reduction of the titanium dioxide content in high PVC decorative matt paints, without loss of opacity or hiding power...
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