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Oxazolidines Solving Formulation Problems Brochure

Brochure | Supplied by Incorez

Today’s polyurethane formulators face a number of hurdles when trying to achieve the desired film properties and appearance for their systems. Whether the target is a high gloss finish for a VOC-compliant coating, a fast curing adhesive or a strong, flexible defect-free sealant, the issues facing PU formulators when attempting to develop new technologies include:

  • Retaining and improving performance cure and physical properties of PU systems
  • Meeting legislation demands such as volatile organic component (VOC) reduction
  • Reducing toxicity by decreasing isocyanate concentration

One of the biggest issues is the ongoing battle to deal with the presence of moisture often attracted through hydroscopic polyols and solvents or present in pigments, fillers and plasticisers. The reaction of moisture with isocyanate can seriously compromise performance (such as film strength) and appearance properties through the generation of carbon dioxide.

Oxazolidine technology, available in the Incozol® range of products supplied by Incorez, offers an alternative low toxicity solution to formulators of both one and two-component polyurethane systems in overcoming moisture related formulation issues. All oxazolidine products are triggered by the reaction with moisture and it is their preferential reaction that helps the formulator limit the moisture-isocyanate reaction problem. Oxazolidine products can be used in aliphatic and TDI based prepolymers, and some grades can be used in MDI systems. However, oxazolidine products offer additional benefits other than simply inhibiting the reaction with moisture, some of which are described below in more detail.

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