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Why Inkjet Will Ultimately Replace Flexo and Gravure?

Terence Kenneth – Aug 25, 2017

Inkjet Replacing Flexo and GravureTechnology in the printing world is increasing at an exponential pace. The market once dominated by gravure printing, and then took over by flexography is now being turning towards inkjet or digital printing.

This change is attributed to the advent of new raw materials, resulting the formation of better inks and henceforth, advancing technology.

Inkjet printing is one of the easiest methods and its versatility allows you to print different kinds of fluids on different kinds of printing platforms. Printable “skin” is one such example of its versatility.

Undoubtedly, Inkjet or digital printing is quickly turning out to be the go-to printing method of the future. Read on this article now to know more...

1 Comments on "Why Inkjet Will Ultimately Replace Flexo and Gravure? "
Detlef R Feb 9, 2018
Flexo is used widely in packaging where great areas are printed to match the corporate colors. When will inkjet be cheap (seeing the cost of the inks) and fast enough to compare with flexo?

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