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Uncle Sam Wants U.V.

SpecialChem / PCI Magazine – Sep 24, 2008

For a long time, I've kept a well-measured distance from all programs involving space and the military. Probably because I am horrible at remembering acronyms. For me AOL is where I logon to get my e-mail, but at Goddard it stands for Airborne Oceanographic LIDAR, while to military brass it signals an Aircraft Operating Limitation. Still, I have long marveled at the impact that government programs have had in spinning off technological innovation to improve my everyday life. The space race has given us conveniences from Nomex to the smoke detector; from Tang to the cordless drill. The military has blessed us with everything from the microwave oven to the jet engine and those ridiculous Hummers. My life changed forever the first time I logged onto ARPANET the Defense Department project that evolved into today's ubiquitous internet. Our own paint industry has benefited from coatings developed for space and military applications.NASA developed launch pad coatings that are now used to protect the Statue of Liberty.

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