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Ultraviolet (UV) Measurement for Formulators: Part II

SpecialChem / Dec 2, 2009

Much of the commercial literature concerning UV measurement has been targeted to end users and addresses issues such as process monitoring, benchmarking and troubleshooting UV cure problems. However, another important audience for measurement are suppliers of UV chemistry and equipment who must communicate clearly with end users about process specifications. While the end user is often concerned with changes in UV measurement, the supplier is frequently trying to communicate some absolute measurement. This two-part article endeavors to help bridge the gap between the laboratory and the production line. In Part I of this article the fundamental parameters of wavelength, peak irradiance and energy density (dose) were discussed as well as their role in the curing process. We also introduced some concepts related to the accuracy and repeatability of intensity measurements such as band-pass filtering, cosine response, solarization and temperature stability. We concluded with some guidelines for writing a comprehensive curing specification.

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