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Ultraviolet (UV) Measurement for Formulators

SpecialChem / Feb 18, 2009

For those involved in UV processes, UV measurement and process control is an important topic. Measurement answers critical questions like "How do we know whether a process is running properly?" "How do we troubleshoot problems with cure?" "How do we set up our production process in the first place?" or "How do we maintain a process we have set up?" These are the kind of problems that an understanding of UV measurement helps solve. And these are the kind of issues that much of the existing information about UV measurement has addressed. But these concerns are different for formulators and raw material providers, as they also need to consider how to establish a UV specification for their customers to follow, how to optimize and communicate their curing specification and how their specifications can be reproduced and applied in the field. While end users are often concerned with relative UV measurement , suppliers often need to express UV measurement in absolute terms. For a specific product and application, these are the conditions and ranges that we have identified as starting points to get an "adequate cure".

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