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Ultraviolet light and Electron beam Curable Coating Technology

SpecialChem / Sep 16, 2009

Ultraviolet light (UV) and electron beam (EB) curable materials are unique solvent-free compositions that cure (harden) in a fraction of a second upon exposure to a UV or EB source. The absence of solvent eliminates the need for large baking ovens used to process conventional solvent-based coatings and inks. UV and EB energy sources are compact. thus freeing up valuable plant space for other operations. The use of UV/EB curable coatings significantly reduces solvent emissions into the atmosphere and eliminates the potential fire hazards associated with conventional coatings containing flammable solvents. Use of UV/EB curable coatings can eliminate or minimize government pollution permitting. Federal, state and local governments recognize UV/EB curable coatings as a compliant technology for meeting stricter emission regulations. Additional advantages offered by UV/EB curable coatings, compared to conventional coatings, include low energy consumption; ability to coat heat sensitive materials, such as plastic; fast line speed; reduced in-process inventory; and the ability to achieve a broad range of desirable cured film properties.

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