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The Future of UV Coatings is Now!

SpecialChem / PCI Magazine – Apr 23, 2008

Can you think of any organization that has had 35 consecutive years of sales growth? A few come to mind that may fit that category, but you can count them on one hand. Statistics from past RadTech International shows indicate that the UV/EB formulated product growth for the North American market is just over 7% annually. Fueling this growth is not just the push for "green" technology and increased productivity required in manufacturing, but also the availability of new raw materials from suppliers. These new materials allow formulators the ability to produce UV coatings with improved physical properties and better product performance, which opens up new capabilities for users. Two factors are primarily driving the growth of UV-cured coatings: 1. Environmental - At solids up to 100%, UV-coatings can provide a reduction or elimination of VOCs and HAPs. 2. World-class manufacturing characterized by shorter cure times, automated processes, reduced lead time, reduced scrap, waste and rework, and just in time inventory.

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